Thursday, 26 September 2019

woolen Thoranam- Home Decoration

Woolen Thoranam

Thoranam making with woolen bundles. For this it takes minimum of 6 bundles of woolen to make the petals for the thoranam.

Take a woolen and make 10 rounds using a box or something which is stable. After making ten rounds cut the excess wollen.Then remove it from the box and tie it in the middle and knot it. 

I took 300 petals to make the thoran. Take the two lines of thread, insert needle and make a knot at the end.

String the first petal for grip. Then add the petals one by one.  Make sure the petals are close enough before making knot at the end.

The length of the Thoran is 67 inch.  Measure the inch of the door entrance and do the thoran based on the width.

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