Thursday, 26 September 2019

woolen Thoranam- Home Decoration

Woolen Thoranam

Thoranam making with woolen bundles. For this it takes minimum of 6 bundles of woolen to make the petals for the thoranam.

Take a woolen and make 10 rounds using a box or something which is stable. After making ten rounds cut the excess wollen.Then remove it from the box and tie it in the middle and knot it. 

I took 300 petals to make the thoran. Take the two lines of thread, insert needle and make a knot at the end.

String the first petal for grip. Then add the petals one by one.  Make sure the petals are close enough before making knot at the end.

The length of the Thoran is 67 inch.  Measure the inch of the door entrance and do the thoran based on the width.

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Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Yamaha Keyboard Lauch Press Meet

Yamaha Keyboard 

Yamaha launches PSS Series Compact Keyboard for Kids and Youngsters.

We went for the event organised by Yamaha to innagurate their new product Yamaha Music's first factory in Chennai.

India the brand launched its first Make in India Keyboard PSR–1500.

We had a chance to met child Prodigy Lydian Nadhaswaram who got award recently for his music.
He played and explained about the keyboar's features and the usage of the instrument in a wonderful way.

PSS Series is not only compact but represents the true quality of musical instrument for kids as well as teenagers and semi-professionals.

Their main intention is to communicate to parents in India that young children who play some kind of musical instruments increase their chances of having rapid brain development.

This reflects particularly in the areas of language, speech, listening, reading and social skill abilities.

PSS also helps with sensory development, when kids are able to create and explore ideas using musical instruments.

It creates more pathways in their brains and assists them with developing self-confident and decision making.

PSS-E30 named “Remie” having

# Beautiful sound output.
# Made for small hands.
# compact and light weight.
# Have songbook designed to help young one extract soulful tunes.
# Tunes of everyday sounds like vehicles, animals, birds etc., also accompanied.
# It comes with pre-set songs, enjoyable version of famous tunes the child will hear throughout his life.


# Have
     => 37 keys,
     => 120 voices,
     => 114 styles,
     => Head phone input,
     => 30 songs.
# Can work with Power Bank/ “AA” batteries, Rechargable Batteries.
# 8 Indian voices and 10 Indian styles.
# Light weight and compact.
# Mini sized keys made to fit.

PSS-F30 featuring a wide range of beautiful sounds only Yamaha could create, an automatic accompaniment function that exposes your child to different style of music.

Pre-set library of famous tunes, the PSS-F30 is full of fun stuff to help them learn.

When they strike their first note, children light up with excitement. As they experiment more and more, they will discover beautiful combination of notes to share.

The experiment, discover, all the while learning and developing a musical part of their personality.

Spark of their creative flame!             



       => 37 keys
       => 42 voices
       => 138 Arpeggio
       => Headphone Input
       => MIDI Connectivity

#Pro Level Feel
# Motion Effect.
# Built in speakers and headphones jack
# Light and Compact
# Battery and USB Bus Powered

PSS-A50 is the model for teenagers and Semi-Professional and gives a pro level feel to the player.
From performing to recording , this mobile keyboard can do it all.

Big Pro-level sounds in a small body with cool effects and creative control. 

                                                Make Your Voice Health!
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Friday, 20 September 2019

Maami's Samayal

Maami's samayal

We went to Maami's Samayal at Regenta Central Deccan-Royapetta, which has been newly opened.

We can get South Indian food, Which is made without onion and garlic.

The pickle and the podi been made by the chef instantly . She makes the podi once in three days.

Food will be available during afternoon and Night. Thali is being available with some tasty araitha sambar, rasam, and so on.

The food had less chilli, salt, tamarind, oil and ghee in her cooking. It is a brahmin style samayal.

You get thokku ,vadam, vadagam , vathakulambu, porial, kootu, kalavai sadham, dosa, appalam, sambar, rasam, chutney, thuvaiyal, sweet, payasam, curd, pickle and so on.

She makes different dishes daily.  

Evening /Night Special: Podi idli, pesarattu, kulipaniyaram, pidi kolukattai, more appam, amini kolukattai, arisi upma, adai aviyal, dosa and so on.,

 Maami's Samayal Chef Mrs.Prema Nambiraja about her restaurant as Below:

# Podi and Pickle made by herself.

#Podi like parupupodi being made by her once in two days instantly.

# sambar podi, rasam podi made in daily basis for making sambar and rasam.
#Pickle makes her own seasonal picles.

# some book the table via phone to the restaurant and order what they want and enjoy.

Maami,s special: Akkaravadisal, Poli.

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