Monday, 29 April 2019

Storing tea powder for gardening

Tea powder

In the beginning I directly added the daily use tea powder to the soil.

Then i feel it was not the best way. Then I started using the below method.

 I kept used teapowder in a plate after filtering.

This tea powder is without sugar.

After it dried fully I shifted the tea powder in a box and stored it for gardening.

I used the tea powder (half spoon for each plant) directly once in a week .

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Saturday, 27 April 2019

organic compost -My experience

Organic Compost

I research several times and tried in many ways for making this organic compost .

Like others I too worried about the bad spell which comes from the time taken for the  compost. 

Its necessary to add composting in a regular duration for the health of the trees. 

So I store vegetable peels for two or three days to get sufficient quantity . Then i cut it in to so many small pieces and directly put it in to soil before planting. 

It is difficult to do the same process once the tree starts growing. Simultaneously I add tea waste regularly to the plants. 

Then I tried to make composing using waterbottles.

I took a bottle and cut the top portion and made some three to four holes just below and the end of the bottles for getting the water out and for the air circulation.

Then I started to make the same procedure of collecting daily wastes for 2 to 3 days. Then I cut it into small bits and put it in the bottle layer by layer.

While doing this I added one layer of soil from the garden, then teapowder, dry leaves ,some paper bits ,daily wastes then drops of water .

I filled the bottle till 3/4 of its size. 

It took few months to get compost. Vocationally I add a spoon of milk, curd or water.

In the bottom of the bottle organic compost will occupy two or three layers with dry components. Some will be finely powdered, and some with big peaces.

Now you can strain it using flour strainer .Take the powdered compost for your gardening .

Now shift the big particles to the bottle for future composting.

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