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P.Pandy Movie Review

P.Pandy Movie Review

P.Pandy (Power Pandy) movie starring Rajkiran, Revathi, Prasanna, Chaya singh and so on. It is a chance to have a look at Rajkiran and Revathi after a long time. Although we saw the action of Rajkiran in Kanchana recently, In this movie his action is different. 

 The first half of the movie is quiet normal like other movies.Rajkiran feels disappointed with his post retirement life style and once again he tries to start his career as a stunt master. 

The acting of Prasanna and chaya Singh is apt to the theme of the movie. The conflict between  different generation is shown well in the movie. 

The way the second half starts feel that something different is bound to happen.

Rajkiran leaves his home to find some purpose in life. He joins with a group of senior citizens who rekindle the memories of his first love.

what he decides to do next is not apt for the society in my view.
I think it is different movie but it is deviating from our family values.

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