Thursday, 14 December 2017

Skola Toys: Discovery & Learning for Kids via Play


Recently, we went to an event on educational toys organized by Skola Toys at The Park, Chennai. There we had a discussion on Discovery vs Dictation methodologies of imparting knowledge to children. In that discussion many of them shared their views about both the approaches. They also spoke about parenting in general and their personal experiences of bringing up kids as mothers. The discussion was a wonderful one as I was able to grasp a lot of things from them.

We also discussed the merits and demerits about technology and how it helps in the growth of the kids. Many parents spoke vehemently about the demerits of technology and how kids get affected by it. 

We noticed that even little kids now-a-days have the habit of using cellphones continuously but it may not be the right age to use, While kids spend a lot of time with phones, apart from their eyes no other part is working at that time. Now-a-days kids don't prefer to play outdoor games due to which their hands and legs may not move with the dexterity expected at that age. 

Even if we offer toys to play they tend to play with it for some time and then they throw it off when they feel bored with it. They don't show interest in playing with the toys after a few times and always want something new because toys do not challenge their intellectual capacity. With regular toys, they may not have a chance to learn anything new - mostly. There are very few toys which create interest in learning and increase their creativity.

Skola then showed us some toys and asked us to play with them. Initially we thought it should be easy and fun, especially for us adults, but were surprised to notice that it took sometime for us to grasp the concept. It did challenge us intellectually. I feel these kind of toys will be helpful to the kids to learn something by their own.

Skola has divided the toys age-wise and subject-wise to make it easy for parents to determine which toy might be the best for their kids and for what purpose. It will also enable kids to learn via play without any pressure or rules. 

Here are a few toys that I found interesting during the meet. To get details on the complete portfolio of toys available with them, please visit website

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