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Mahabalipuram Review


Mahabalipuram also known as Mammalapuram, and ancient port city of the Pallavas, Who ruled from 600 to 750 A.D. Kancheepuram as its capital. It is located at the seashores of the Bay of Bengal which is 55 kms from Chennai. Mahabalipuram has temple architecture, Cave temples, Monoliths, Open-air-bas-reliefs and structural temples all within walking distance.

Mahabalipuram gives the thrill and enthusiasm when you visit it for the first time. It inspires to have a look at this again and again. 

Shore Temple

Shore Temple is one of the oldest temples in South India. It is located at the edge of the Mahabalipuram Beach. It is said to have built by King Rajasimha in the second half of the 7th Century A.D., It is the best example of the first place of structural temples constructed in the Dravidian style. 

Arjuna's Penance

Arjuna's Penance is the world's Largest Bas-Relief measuring 27m-9m is the great pride for the Mahabalipuram. The rock has figures of gods, demigods, men, beasts, birds and infants. The rock-cut cave traditionalrepresented more than thirteen caves, It was initiated by Mahendravarma I. They ar for simplicity in decoration and plan. Important in the cave temples are konerimadapa, Mahishashramardhini cave, Varahamandapa, Adi-Varahamandapa, tirumurthi Cave and Krishnamandapa.

Mahishasuramardhini Cave

Mahishasuramadhini cave is depiciting the goddess fighting a demon on one side and Lord Vishnu's Cosmic sleep on the other is particulalarly remarkable scooped cave, Sure to keep spell-bounded.

Five Rathas

Five Monolithic temples created in a different style. It is also called as Pancha Pandava Rathas. Four of the rocks on our belief scopped out from a single rock,which is carved richly with art motifs and wall panels despite of many hindu divinities and royal portraits.

Krishna Mandapam

Sculpture in the rock face of one wall-lord krishna as the protector of all living beings,presenting man, birds and beast.

Krishna's Butter ball

Krishna's ball is at Ganesha Ratna is popularly known as Hrishna's Butter Ball. Several pallava kings tried to move the rock with the kings and the elephant, but can't able to move it even a inch too.

Varaha cave

Varaha Cave is a small rock-cut mandapam featuring four panels of fine looking doorkeepers and four interesting bas-reliefs.

Light House Heritage and Marine Museum

The museum is maintain by the Director general of lighthouses and lightships houses miniatures of different kinds of ships,fishing boats, defence vesels, specimens of ships and a deep-sea channel markingmarking among the other things.

Tiger cave

Tiger cave is located at the monument complex. It is an open-air theater, where cultural programmes held during Pallava Period. Eventhough it is near to the sea, the palce is very serene and calm. After Tsunami a new site has been excvated which is a Murugan temple dating back to 50 A.D.

Terrecota dancing images, brass lamp, clay lamp, brass peacock. Stone spear had been excaved within the big remnants of the temple complex.

Chronicle India's 7DX Theatre

7Dx theatre located near Mahabalipuram bus stand screens India's first and only historical 7DX movie, Pallava Dynasty-A time travel. 30 minutes show not only revolves around Mahabalipurambut also trace the path of the Pallavas from Mamandur to Kancheepuram covering the early scriptures, marvellous temples and astounding time defying sculptures. All age group will love it and understand this film because the stories behind the sculptures and presented using 7DX technology which makes the spectators to believe that they are watching the historical events as if they are happening in real time.

It has not just downloaded with the tons of visual effects but also uses traditional forms such as "Thol Paavai Koothu". For the first time in India to convey the Indian Myths. It elucidates how mythology relates to the sculptures of Mahabalipuram in an educative yet entertaining way.

Sculpture Park

Sculpture Park, Mahabalipuram has been installedwith sculptures of architectural splendor. These artistic sculptures in stone are vitally showing the ancient history events.

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Thursday, 14 December 2017

Custom Birthday Slideshows from Photos & Videos

Organizing a birthday party at home or even at a restaurant is cool. But sharing those special moments with the world on social networks or just storing those memories on hard-drive/pen-drive requires some diligence.

Of course you can store or share your special moments as hundreds of raw photos and videos like everyone else. Or better, you can choose the best photos/videos, make a small movie using them and share it everywhere with pride. Which would you choose?

One of the best ways to make your photos and videos more appealing is to create a slideshow video using them. Now slideshows are not just presentations with one slide shown after the other, but they have evolved to include animations, 3D effects, reflection effects, cool transitions, video backgrounds, stylish text, mesmerizing music and much more.

In one sentence, it is now possible to make a short movie using your photos and videos that not only makes them look attractive and holds the viewer's attention, but also make you stand apart from the crowd.

But who has all that time, patience and money?

What if I tell you that you can now make mini-movies out of the photos and videos that you have taken during special occasions like birthdays and other events without spending much time? All you need to do is select your best photos and send them to us - we'll take care of the rest. And don't worry, a customized slideshow video will just cost a fraction of hiring your own graphic designer or even outsourcing the work to a nearby studio.

Have a look at the birthday portfolio video made by us recently -

This is just a sample video as we can add many more effects and transitions to make your video look extra special and uniquely attractive. Besides, we are open to customize your video according to your needs and preferences.

To have a look at a few more videos created by us and to order your own mini-movie, visit our website WOWSUPER.NET

This is a guest post by Rajesh K who is a professional slideshow creator and motion graphics artist at
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Skola Toys: Discovery & Learning for Kids via Play


Recently, we went to an event on educational toys organized by Skola Toys at The Park, Chennai. There we had a discussion on Discovery vs Dictation methodologies of imparting knowledge to children. In that discussion many of them shared their views about both the approaches. They also spoke about parenting in general and their personal experiences of bringing up kids as mothers. The discussion was a wonderful one as I was able to grasp a lot of things from them.

We also discussed the merits and demerits about technology and how it helps in the growth of the kids. Many parents spoke vehemently about the demerits of technology and how kids get affected by it. 

We noticed that even little kids now-a-days have the habit of using cellphones continuously but it may not be the right age to use, While kids spend a lot of time with phones, apart from their eyes no other part is working at that time. Now-a-days kids don't prefer to play outdoor games due to which their hands and legs may not move with the dexterity expected at that age. 

Even if we offer toys to play they tend to play with it for some time and then they throw it off when they feel bored with it. They don't show interest in playing with the toys after a few times and always want something new because toys do not challenge their intellectual capacity. With regular toys, they may not have a chance to learn anything new - mostly. There are very few toys which create interest in learning and increase their creativity.

Skola then showed us some toys and asked us to play with them. Initially we thought it should be easy and fun, especially for us adults, but were surprised to notice that it took sometime for us to grasp the concept. It did challenge us intellectually. I feel these kind of toys will be helpful to the kids to learn something by their own.

Skola has divided the toys age-wise and subject-wise to make it easy for parents to determine which toy might be the best for their kids and for what purpose. It will also enable kids to learn via play without any pressure or rules. 

Here are a few toys that I found interesting during the meet. To get details on the complete portfolio of toys available with them, please visit website

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Friday, 1 December 2017

Indira Agrotech's Organic Farm

Indira Agrotech's Organic Farm

Indira agrotech has launched its new project near Dindivanam. They plan to cultivate organic rice in a land located in a village near Dindivanam. For this venture, they are inviting people to take up ownership of small pieces of land and lease it back to the company in exchange for a part of the produce every year. 

We went to a meet organized by Indira Agrotech at the site recently. They have installed solar panels to generate electircity with the help of sunlight. They plan to use natural manure and insect repellents. We saw a ploughing machine which will probably help to sow and cultivate grains. It seems they have also employed a few people from the village. 

We saw a big well there with plenty of water which should be sufficient for cultivating land. And apart from the land they have also laid pathways and facilities to do vermi compost.

We can buy a land and build a house. Many people in cities do only that. In fact, the parent company of Indira Agrotech is also into building houses. But there are many people in cities who want to do farming but don't have the time or land for the same. This scheme might be useful to them as it makes them land owners and grow organic rice without the hassles involved in managing the labour.

The company is also planning to plant nearly 6000 trees like Vilvam, etc. all around the fields which will help to protect the crops from pesticides. Since they are planning to grow organic grains without pesticides these should be useful. In fact, many of us who went there planted a sapling. 

We felt good being at the farm, amidst nature. It was a great feeling. Do have a look at the scheme details from here to learn more about this project.

Disclaimer: We are not associated with the project, hence we suggest that readers do their research and get all their questions clarified from the company before deciding to buy.  

Few Images which we took at the organic farm

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