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​Ways to have your me-time as a Mum

                                         Ways to have your me-time as a Mum

When I chose to be a mum, I thought I knew what I was getting into. But the reality is that I knew very little about the job of being a mom! It is a crazy responsibility and tests your patience. Having said that, I would still love to do it again and again. And how do I get the drive to wake up every day and do my job with the same enthusiasm? Well, the trick is simple; giving myself the me-time that I deserve!! Here is how I indulge in my me-time:


I love shopping; and the best part is that I enjoy shopping not just for myself but for my entire family. I want us and our kids to be dressed smartly and comfortably. I try to buy the best possible clothes for our children, get matching accessories and shoes.

For my daughter, I usually buy clips, bands and pins that can adorn her beautiful hair. And for my son, I buy bow ties, watches and belts (bow ties for kids are pretty ‘in’ these days).

I am a fashion-conscious person myself and keep abreast of all the latest trends. I try and find looks that suit my personality and devote time on my grooming. This helps me take a break from the daily chores and also aids in personality development.


If there exists anything as exhilarating and entertaining as shopping, it is movies. I have a home theatre and I spend my alone time watching educational, information and thought provoking films. I share this time only with my favourite munchies sitting next to me on my couch.


I love to grow flowers, fruits & vegetables at our home garden. I plant, grow and nurture these babies myself! Moreover, I believe in cooking home-grown fresh fruits and vegetables for my family. I have also planted pots of fresh herbs that not just make my food delicious but also adds a beautiful aroma to my kitchen garden.


I am extremely fond of cooking and I love to prepare elaborate meals for my family and friends. I try various cuisines - Chinese, lebanese, thai and much more. Infact, I have even experimented with Kurkure to create some amazing snack recipes for my family. My kids enjoy every meal I make and that brings a smile to my face.

Snacking while reading

How can one just cook and not eat? After all, there is nothing such as a skinny chef! I make my meals and enjoy munching while I sit with a book. But there are times when I am lazy and want to snack on something picked from the shelf. I love reaching out to the packet of Kurkure every time I am at the supermarket. But recently, I heard a lot of rumors about Kurkure containing plastic. At first I was worried. “Have I been eating plastic all this while?”

I began to do my research and discovered that Kurkure contains just dal, corn, rice and spices!
I was quick to throw these thoughts out of my head and continue enjoying my favorite snack.

So, these are my ways of having my me-time! I hope you enjoyed reading the article; please share your comments and thoughts.
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