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Mangaleri park at Mugappair, Chennai.

Mangaleri park

Mangaleri park is located at Mugappair West, Chennai. It is the best place for walking and the atmosphere is really good.There are few more places to see in  the park like children park, stage to do exercise, Dance,or to do yoga also. There are having benches to take rest, relax and enjoy the nature, There is a big pond of water with ducks and birds. The place is  clean, the plants and trees are maintained by few gardeners and its greeny and pleasant. 

We saw students who came there to study peacefully. Children park is having swing, ladder, see-saw and more to play.

Lake in Mangaleri park

Benches to rest at the park

Ducks just arrived to the lake

Walker at Mangaleri park

Children park at Mangaleri

Stage for dancing, exercise,playing doing yoga ans so on

Near entrance there is a board with a few words of wisdom showing us how to live our life . Mangaleri park is favorite place for everyone.Its a beautiful place to make our mind and body fit.
The total area of Mangaleri park total  is 5.32 acres. The walker lane is 4.5 m in width and 520 m in length.Its spacious to walk.There is an "8"shaped walker lane and it is good to walk on it. Children play area is 20,000 sq. feet. 

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