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S. P. Y. D. E. R. Movie review


we went to see the movie SPYDER, telegu verion.  It had been with the concept of a passionate person who is looking at the calls of the public to help those who was in the need. In the be giving scene it started with the this if a love couples who decided to go somewhere to get marriage.  The girl was genune and innocent,  but the boy who decided to take all her properties and try to spoil her life with his friend.  We taught of about the girl how she could  escape from this.
But unexpected three of the local selling persons entered and murmering the plan which they kept silently and spoke with them.  Suddenly they got shocked and left the girl and ranganathan away.  As soon she also escape and safely reached her home with the help of MAHESH BANU.

He had created the software which will give notification of if some one in the need if help,  far or any other problem.  He track the phone and listening to their speech and try to help them.  He started his career like that.  Eventhough it is not legal but also he tried to hear the calls and try to help others before anything had happen.

And  then the introduction song started playing.  In that by dancing aside and he saved few more lives before nothing had happen badly.  Then only we had got the idea of how he  is helping others.   As like when he hear a call he heard the voice of a girl who spoke with her friend which is quite impractical.  On hearing that he got quite impressed and starts following  her.

 By that he started many to help by tracking  the call he solve the problem of the others.  

Really not in the way but also in general we will have to do anything before it will change as a mistake.  

As like when he track the call he found the voice of a girl  who spoke with her friend that there is no one in her house as well there is no power as the other neighbour house had.  And as she feels some one us here and some disturbing sound had came. So can you please come here to stay with me.  But her friend refuses,  because her family wont allow.  So,  she advised her friend to close the door and keep vibuthi and take rest.

On hearing that he called his friend who is working in the Police department and take her to go to the  Address to help her.  Very next day morning he heard the news of the two guys one is the girl who call her friend and the another one was the Police who was killed by the unknown and he minutes the party of the two girls as together which is difficulty to find whose part was that.

Then there only the concept of the movie got fired.  Really it moved in a Thrill way.  It had grass the intension of the viewers move with the movie.  Then Step by STEP he tried to find the psychology killer.  But there was some unbelievable scene also happened.

Eventhough he tried to find him with the help of the others.  But mainly he used the technology which is unbelievable.

And I  some of the space some  scene and few songs had occupied.  That wasnt sink to the movie.

And at the end he made some trick which is not belivable,  but also he used to show how the power of a ladies.

And at the condition he expressed about the humanity of everyone how we are also.

 But In some time we also slightly  changed ourselves to be like the jealous/cunning /or anything.  We will try to help the needy.  Even though we are help in but also in some of the places it had started banking us.  So by looking at everything we will have to be perfect.

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