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Dishes for Diwali

Dishes for Diwali

I did some dishes to make Diwali delightful with Preeti Turbo Chop.

I did Tomato Rice, Cabbage Vada, Carrot Alwa and Pomegranate Juice.

The above video shows an over view if how I made those dishes. In this post I will share the detailed recipes for each.

Tomato Rice


Rice - one cup
Tomatoes - 10 Nos
Onion - 2 Nos
Green Chilli - 3 to 5
Mustard - 1/4 tbsp
Ulad Dhal - 1/2 tbsp
Bengal Gram - 1 tbsp
Salt - as required
Oil - 3 Spoon
Curry leaves - few
Coriander leaves - few


Chop the tomato into small pieces, chop onions and chillis also. 

Then keep Kadai on the stove and heat it to a high temperature. Add three spoons of oil, wait till it heats. Then add mustard, ulad dhal, bengal gram. Add onion and wait till it changes in colour and becomes soft. Then add chilli.

Now add the tomatoes and keep on heating till the mixture achives consistent thickness. And few drops of oil for taste.

After it gets boiling add some water to get consistency. Keep on mixing rainy to make it not to stick on the kadai. Then before switching off the stove add some salt . Put curry leaves and coriander leaves for decor if you wish. Then convert it in a bowl. 

Take one tumbler of rice in a vessel and add 2 1/2 or 3 tumblers of water. Keep it in a cooker and switch of the stone.  Wait untitled four whistles have come.

Convert the rice in a big plate then add the Tomato paste in the Rice, mix it well and serve hot.

Cabbage Vada

Oil - 1 litre
Bengal Gram - 1 cup
Onion - 2 nos
Cabbage - 1/2 kg
Green Chilli - 2 ( chop it round)
Salt - as required
Curry leaves - few
coriander leaves - few


Keep the bengal gram in a seperate bowl, add one litre of water and keep it for 2 hours. Then drain the bengal gram. Put half of the gram in a mixie and run it fully by adding some water. Convert it in a bowl and add the remaining gram which we didn't drain. Mix it well. 

By the side you have to chop the onion, cabbage into little bits. Cut the chilli into round bits. Then add curry leaves and coriander leaves after cutting it slightly.

Add salt for taste. By the side keep a kadai in a stove add 1 litre of oil and wait till it boils fully.

Then take some vada Battery,  keep it in your palm and press it slightly to get a flat and round shape. Then put it in a kadai,  adjust the flame based on the heat it requires and fry the vada to get golden colour on both sides.

Similarly make all the vadas and keep it seperately to drain the unwanted oil. Then Serve hot. 

Carrot Alwa


Carrot - 5 nos
Sugar -  50 to 100 grams ( based on your wish)
Ghee - 3 tbsp
Cashew nut - 50 grams
Salt - pinch


Chop the carrots and the convert it in a bowl.  Keep it in a cooker until you get four whistles. Then keep the kadai on the stove with high flame. Put 50 grams of sugar and coordination carrot in the kadai. Stir it till the sugar is melted and the colour of the sugar and the carrot changes.

By the side keep a kadai seperately and add some give.  Add cashewnut, mix it till it changes to a golden colour. Based on your wish you can add sugar and milk if need ed, before adding ghee. If you wish you also add a pinch of salt to get the taste of the sugar completely. But don't add more salt as that will change the taste.

After the sugar and carrot change in colour, add ghee and golden cashewnut , mix it well and serve hot.

Pomegranate Juice


Pomegranate - one bowl of seed
Sugar - as required
Milk - as required


Peel the Pomegranate and keep the seeds seperately. If you want you can wash the seeds of pomegranate to eliminate any extra peel. But it is quiet healthy to retain the peel. 

Convert the seeds into a jar and grate them finely until it becomes juice. Then filter the juice in a seperate bowl, add sugar and milk based on your need and service. Pomegranate is really good for health. 

I made the above dishes using Preeti Turbo Chop. It works well and make my vegetables and fruits grating/ chopping easier. 

You can buy Preethi turbo chop using this link.

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