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VIP 2 Tamil Movie Review

VIP 2 Movie Review

We went to the first day first show for the movie VIP 2. In that movie most characters are given small roles. The major role was played by Dhanush only.

The introduction of Kajol was awesome. Her acting had good sense of timing and her attitude was mass. She shows why her acting is still rock solid. This movie might prove to be yet another turning point in her already brilliant career. 

Samudhirakani was relatively silent in this movie and I missed his acting very much, especially when compared with movies like Sattai. I feel we were satisfied with VIP(1) movie mainly because Samudrakani plays an important role and delivers a punch with his acting.

The role of the heroine of this movie - Amala Paul, who plays a major role in VIP1, was again very limited in VIP2. Her only characterization was to be a shouting wife!

We enjoyed Vivek's comedy very much, but that too was limited in scope.

Dhanush almost occupies the entire duration of this movie. Apart from him no one else gets any major role to play - except maybe Kajol.

I found the characterization of the boss and his daughter very impressive. Even after missing many orders, they still support Dhanush. Even the VIP engineers support him in spite of having to lose their jobs as engineers in a leading firm.

I also appreciate the characterization of Dhanush's partner in business as he too stands with Dhanush by supporting and encouraging all his works. Despite losses, lack of growth and his investment, he still doesn't change. Really proud of him.

Many scenes in the movie were unwanted, I feel. And in the climax Dhanush is shown to be helping flood victims in a scene akin to the real floods that happened in Chennai a couple of years back. I wish this actually happened in reality.

On the climax i loved the sentiments of Kajol who openly shows her emotions about her family. Mother sentiment was really good and Saranya was given a good role in VIP(1). But in this movie, there is not much of that sentiment. Dhanush's brother Karthik's role was impressive in the first movie and he was shown as a handsome man. In this movie, he was dull.

Dhanush's wife's character as a nagging wife was a little bit overdone. As a wife, I couldn't empathize with her character.

Dhanush spoke about the importance of women and how powerful they are - that was really good. And I also liked the comparison between the rich and the poor by Dhanush.

Where is Thangapushpam? And who is Thangapushpam?  We only hear her voice. But we never get to see her. Why?

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