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Tea trails at Anna Nagar East

Tea Trails

We went to Tea Trails cafe which is located at Anna Nagar East (Old No. 23, New No.93-2nd Main Road-Anna Nagar,Chennai-40. Land Mark: Behind Kandasamy College) to taste the different varieties of teas and chais available with them. Before going to the shop I had no idea that there were so many varieties of tea. When i went there I was amazed just looking at the menu.

They told us that tea and chai are different. It seems Tea should be prepared without milk and Chai, more common in India, is generally prepared with milk. But we tend to use the same word tea to refer to both. They also told us that they recommend certain foods to go along with each of their teas (food pairing) so that the tea tastes even better.

A small device is used to measure the time taken for brewing tea. Each tea comes with its own card where the name, recommended brewing time, ingredients, etc. are mentioned. This ensures that all teas are freshly brewed (by the drinkers) and hence the authentic taste and aroma are maintained. We can also take the help of Tea Trails staff to brew the teas.

This branch will shortly offer rooms/halls for meeting, conferences, party, and so on. Teas, Chais, Coffee, Snacks and Desserts from Tea Trails are delivered to your home through services like Swiggy, etc.

Here are a few teas offered at Tea Trails and their combinations

* Silver needle: A very premium white tea,with a very mild taste. Paired with bun maska.
* Bun Maska: Soft bun with a thick smudge of butter.
* Kashmiri Kahwa: Exotic blend of Green tea, Spices & almonds. Very flavourful.Paired with tea          Salad.
* Burmees Tea Salad: Very interesting salad of lettuce with roasted nuts & dal and infused with 
   fermented green tea. A signature dish of the brand.
* Veg Ham Bruschetta: Mushroom topped with cheese in Brushetta.
* Lapsang Souchong: Black tea from china, with a differentiating smoky flavour, paired with a              Smoky paneer/chicken sandwich.
* Smoked Paneer/Chicken sandwich: Barbequed paneer/chicken pieces with caramelized onions. 
* Lychee Bubble tea: Lychee flavoured iced tea with fruit bubbles which burst in your mouth as you
   sip - makes it a fun & interesting drink. 
* Matcha shake: Thick rich drink made with Japanese green tea (matcha), having a new taste 
* BBQ chicken/paneer pizza-with Smoky Paneer/Chicken, hinted BBQ sauce with caramelized
   onion and Jalapeno.
* Better wife: All that you need in terms of flavour & feel. Sweetened concotion of fruit juice, Herbs 
   & green tea.
* Adrak Chai: The all time favourite of all those who like their tea with a gingery edge.. Wonderfully 
   paired with onion pakoda.
* Onion Pakoda: Authentic Crispy pakoda with a spicy green chutney. Teams up with any chai at any
* Red Zen: You really can't beat the colur & flavour. Mix of herbs, fruits & flowers. Goes very well 
   with fruity dessert.
* Dessert of the day: Sizzling Brownie with Ice Cream- Warm Gooey Brownie.

Here are some pictures from the event -

Tea Cards

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