Sunday, 13 August 2017

Home Improvement with Fans


Fan is the one of the home appliances which is used by everyone. The usage of fan is essential everywhere. At least three fans are necessary for a small family, based on their need. There are various types of fans based on our needs. They may vary based on size, clour , variety, application and so on.

Types of Fan:

1. Table fan
2. Pedestal Fan.
3. Ceiling Fan.
4. Decorative fan.
5. Wall mount fan.
6. Box fan.
7. Windows fan.
8. Exhaust fan.
9. Tower fan.
10. Misting fan.
11. Industrial fan.
and so on.

And they may vary with companies , brands and so on. We can choose a fan based on our need and the budget. 

Some of the fans are easily portable and some work with the help of batteries too. Battery enabled fans can run for sometime without electricity - during power cuts.

Even though we get more advanced machines like Air Conditioners which cool us, the need for fans is not reducing. 

Fans are essential not only inside the house, but often outside it too. Where ever people rest, fans are required.

Of late, some companies manufacture fans with low power consumption to save electricity. As the fan keeps a place cooler, many people prefer to sit directly under the fan only. 
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