Tuesday, 20 June 2017

My Experience at the Click Art Museum, Chennai

Click Art Museum, Chennai, South India

Recently we went to the Click Art Museum near VGP Golden beach, ECR, Chennai.

It was a different & nice experience. There are many paintings which give the illusion of characters on the canvas interacting with viewers in interesting ways. This is a great venue to visit if you want to take unique photos to share on social networks and gain a million likes ;) Have a look at the above-embedded photo slideshow to sample a few photos we took at the venue.

When we went we saw many people taking photos, selfies and group photos with a lot of enthusiasm.
Some were even sharing their photos instantly on social networks. Since we were two of us, we managed to click photos of each other. But it would have been better if the museum authorities could deploy a couple of personnel to help solo-visitors and even groups who want their photos taken by others.

In this museum there are markings to indicate where to stand to take the perfect photo.

Among the exhibits that we have not included in the above slideshow, we were impressed with one where there is a base far away and half-a-chair nearby. When a person sits on the large base and the photo is clicked from behind the chair, due to illusion, we feel as if a small person is sitting on a large chair!

And there is another place where there is a hole for a person to sit and only their upper body is visible. Right next to them, there is a statue of a person whose lower body is visible. In the photo, it appears as if the person is cut into two! We also liked the boat exhibit with scenery behind.

We got our best pictures by interacting with the paintings on the wall. We got mango directly from God Ganapathy himself, we fought with Bruce Lee, dragon and bull. We even photobombed a monkey taking a selfie :)

We were proud to receive an Oscar award in this museum. Only, we didn't get a chance to give our victory speech :P We went into the Ghost Bungalow without hesitation. At least, we started moving in that direction :) We received a big Burger similar to the Oscar. Our favorite photo was the angelic pose where both of us transformed into angels holding hands.

We tried to follow the instructions near each exhibit to take the right photos, but in some places the photos did not come out perfectly. Although this museum is a good place to take photos, it's not a great place to take selfies. We expected at least a few exhibits to enable group photographs, but that too was missing.

In spite of these small shortcomings, we loved our trip to this museum. If you are a shutterbug, you should track down a similar museum near your location and take as many photos as your heart wishes. Just search for 'Trick Art museum' with the name of your location/country. You might get lucky :) 
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