Monday, 23 January 2017

Bharathanatyam Dance by Rukmini Natyakshetra Foundation, Mogappair

Bharathanatyam dance

Bharatanatyam is an Indian classical dance form. The God for dance is Natarajar. The word bharathanatyam is a combination of two words Bharatha and Natyam.

We saw a dance performance at Shiva Vishnu temple on the day of New Year - 2017. The dance team from Rukminidevi Natyakshetra Foundation. The performance given by the team was really good.

The video embedded at the end of this post shows a short clip from the dance performance on that day.

After the completion of the performance, a member from the dance academy came to speak. He said that they were not only teaching the students to dance but also were giving training to the students for everything like makeup for the dance, etc.

They said that they had strict selection procedures for for their multi-year dance training program. While speaking they said that in their training program students are assigned grades and not everyone passed.

They said that they are concentrating in each and every aspect of the art of dance.

It takes 7 years of rigorous training to complete the dance course in their academy.

Rukminidevi Natyakshetra Foundation offers the following classes to students -

1. Bharathanatyam
2. Carnatic Vocal Music
3. Veena, Violin, Flute
4. Mrudhangam
5. Keyboard
6. Painting

The age limit of the children should be 7-13. They usually admit kids twice a year only.

Their academic year begins in the month of June and ends in April. Vijayadasami admission is also possible.

The curriculum covers both theory and practical aspects of the art form (there is no theory for the painting course).

Every year they give an opportunity for students to perform on the stage based on their chosen art.

Here is the short dance video clip by the students from that day's function -

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Polio Vaccination Awareness

Polio Vaccination

Polio vaccine is used to prevent  from Poliomyelitis. There are two types of polio. 1. Inativated polio 2. Weakened polio. WHO insists that all children take vaccines to prevent polio.

The inactivated polio (in the form of vaccine) is safe. Mild redness or pain occurs at the time of  injection. Oral polio vaccine is for Paralytic poliomyelitis.

Inactivated vaccine was developed by Jonas Salk and came for use in 1955. The oral polio vaccine was developed by Albert Sabin and came in to commercial use in 1961.

WHO declared India as a Polio Free Country. For the past three years, polio has not been reported.

More about Polio:

1. Polio is a viral infection which is caused by the wild polio virus.
2. Polio affects children below 5.
3. Polio can only be prevented, it cannot be cured.

Symptoms of Polio:

1. Fever   2. Headache  3. Sore throat  4. Vomiting  5. Fatigue.

It is suggested that every child in India be vaccinated against polio as per the doctor's recommendations.

The TN Govt's pulse polio program to administer Polio Vaccine will be held at various places on Jan. 17 & Feb. 21, 2017. Details here.

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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

RGB Monday

RGB Monday-Candles


Candles are important for all the functions. Whatever the function is, we are using to candles to light the lamp before starting the function. Candles are made up of wax.

Candles come in different from, shapes, Size, Design, etc. are based on the creativity of the person making the candles.

Before the invention of lights, candles were used. But even now we are using candles, at times. 

In most of the houses candles are used at the time of power cut. Others are using candles in different ways.

Now-a-days candle stands with beautiful designs are available to buy,

Every week Christians still take candles while visiting the Church.

Candles are some what low in cost, so it occupies the major part in the usage of our regular activities.

We celebrate birthdays with cake and candles.

Candles are changed very decoratively based on our need.

For birthdays and all we are using small candles, Age in number candle, Lotus with song candle and so on.,

The size of the candle also modified - we are getting the candle in small, medium and big too.

The colour of the candle also looks attractive.

For good occasions and in some of the bad occasions like Anjai and all we are using candles.

Even it is so simple means also, How valuable it was!

Below is an example of a different type of candle. It is different in size, Shape, Colour.

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