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Thottal poo malarum movie review

Thottal poo malarum was a romantic movie. This movie was produced ,written and directed by P.Vasu. Hero of this movie was Starring Sakthi vasu, Heroine of the movie was Gowri Munjal. The songs which takes in the place was really a marvellous and the pleasant one.

The actor and actress who acted in the movie: Sakthi Vasu, Gowri Munjal, Rajkiran, Sukanya, Vadivelu, Nassar, Santhanam. Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja. Cinematography Akash Ashok Kumar. Edited by KMK. Palanivel. Production company Sapohire Media &infrastructure.

The character Ravi(Sakthi vasu) is a good singer as well  as Adventerous in this movie. Whatever he like he simply express his feelings through singing.

The character Anjali (Gowri Munjal) was very rich girl but likes to live normally.

Hero in the movie Ravi was fond of doing his activities with full of adventure. He acted as a romantic and playful person in the movie. His father in the movie was Nasar who is always strict with his son.

Vadivelu role was like a don, but also as like comedy don .Here vadivelu played an elder brother role to Nasar. He occupies the major role in the movie as like a comedy don. The famous dialogue in the movie which got populared as "varum aanal varadhu". now also the dialogue is being used by many of us.

Sukanya acted as a mother of Anjali (Gowri Munjal) likes to give a  Luxurious life to her daughter. Rajkiran was the brother of Sukanya in that movie. He was called as Vandaiyar in the movie and his role was like don who fights for the truth.

Hero Ravi  was in love with Anjali. They express their love by giving clue. They didnt speak directly but also they share their name , phone number and so on as like a puzzle.

Later Ravi directly spoke with Anjali in the middle of the college campus to conform whether she is loving or not. 

Then only the twist started in the movie. Anjali's mother Sukanya arranged his marriage with his brother's son. Sukanya played a game for accepting to marry his uncle. Then Sukanya take her daughter to Bombay to stay there temoerorily. Later she leave her daughter on his uncle's house .

Hero Ravi tried to find Anjali in many of the place ,later he came to know that she was in Mumbai.Then he alsdo went to mumbai where his uncle Vadivelu acted as a comedy don. He reached Mumbai and tries to find her in a mal where they came for purchase.

There also he play some adventerous game to enter the house. Then by playing a kidnaping drama he enters in to the house.

Then in that house he played many interesting and adventerous game.

Later Rajkiran came to know the love matter of the  both, he called his sister to know the reality. The explanation given by Sukanya was accepted by every one . on hearing this Actor Ravi accepted those conditions and went to study MBA. Then when he enter to the home town the twist was interesting and the climax was adventerous and happy endfing.

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