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Appa movie review

"Appa" movie was directed by samudirakani, and also he acted as a hero in that movie. The character name of Samudirakani was Dhayalan. In the movie "Appa" another characters acted in a supporting roll was Tambi Ramaiya and Namo narayana. The combination between them gives extra support to that movie.

The concept selected by Director Samudirakani was really a taughtful one. He takes the concept of the story from the real life of a common person.

The theme in the movie was a regular one which is happening in the life of a common man.

The movie "Appa" is a story of about the kids on their growing style.  He moves the concept in reality.

The character Dhayalan motivates his kid to grow on his one way and he supported him and motivated him to take decision correctly. By observing his son  and came to know that he is interested in swimming and join him to get swimming practice properly and guide him to achieve.

The supporting role Singamperumal always gives concentration on his son only to study. Apart from that he pressured his son to not look at any thing.

He himself gives activities to his son to spent his time in studies. He simply trained him what to do and what not to do.

The another supporting character Nadunilaiyan, he simply lead his life without supporting or guiding his children. His son was quiet short in tgat movie. His sister wont talk with him even and maintain distance with his brother.

The story moving with the three different type fathers and also the kids how they are growing.

Here in this movie two important characters called Rashita Banu and Neelanandhini (a innocent cute girl).

The character Dayalan motivated his son to become a good swimmer and lead him to enjoy his life and allow him to take decision.

The character Singamperumal simply forcing his child for studies.

The another character Nadunilaiyan didn't take care about anything and simply live his life normally.

The two girls in the movie supporting to the story to move with more interesting things.

"Vetri" who is interested in swimming, is quite bolt and freedom ful person in the movie. When he met  "Rashita banu" in the bus he got depressed and when he discuss with his father regarding her he guide him like his friend and solved the problem. Then the both become good friends.

"Chakravarthi" who is always got depressed and pressured for studies is quiet innocent and also feel hesitate to speak with others. When he met Neela nandhini who is also innocent like him. He is nor having bold to speak with her.

"Mayilvaganam" who is always likes to write poet. But no one encourage him. Finally Dayalan came to know his skills and motivate him and arrange for the awarding ceremony for his writings.

The climax in the movie was end in sad because the character "Chakravarthi" Died insteadof getting depression.

Here with in the story he moves the story in the way of how we should treat children. Every one is having some talent by birth. As a parent we should find that and we should motivate him to get success in that.

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