Monday, 3 October 2016


Andavan kattalai was a comedy movie. At the beginning an introduction song was played.It was a superb song. For the first half it moved with full of comedy . And in some places it was some what sentimental.

Here in  the movie the thought of the hero was to go to London to earn money to solve the financial problems at his home. So the hero and his friend come to Chennai to get passport and visa.

So they met a person in  the travel agency who gave some false guidelines to get the passport and visa. This led them to do one illegal act after another. In the second half since they wanted to end the story quickly. 

The story progression was clumsy and there was  not much of a logic.

If u like comedy movies u can go and see Andavan kattalai. But if you expect a good story then you may want to skip it.

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