Wednesday, 21 September 2016

How to make a pen stand using ice cream stick

I made the pen stand on my own using  low cost material . please see the photo of the pen stand at the end of the post.   Materials Required : 1. Ice Cream sticks 2.thermocoal  balls 3. Glue 4.
Cart board 5. Scissor 6. Paper
Method to do:                                         STEP 1:     cut a paper for 10x12 inches  like a rectangle.Apply glue on the stick and stick it vertically on the paper. Continue sticking ice sticks next to each other,  from left to right,  until there is space to stick two more ice sticks. Now let  it dry for some time.   Now fold the papers with the ice cream stick in a oval shape.  Ensure that the ice cream sticks are facing outside.  Now Stick the two Ice  creme stick  on the one end and over the plain paper on the other end.  Let it dry for some time.                                               STEP 2                                                       TAke a cardboard and cut the cardboard in to a rectangular shape  measuring 10x12 inches. Fix the ice sticks continuously to cover the entire cardboard .   Take the oval shaped ice stick place it vertically on the center of the cardboard and stick it using glue in that position.   Take two ice sticks divide it in to two.  Stick it one over the other so that they for a square.  Now stick this square shaped ice stick one one side of the cardboard.  Do the same on the other side also. .                                                       STEP3                                                               I used thermocoal balls and a flower for decorating the pen stand in a simple way.  If u need more decoration make use of (lace,  stone,  beads etc. , )                      leave for some time to get dry then keep the decorative pen stand in ur table and keep the things Inside .                                                                                                                                          

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