Friday, 13 March 2020

Housie Game - My Experience

Housie Game

Housie game is an interesting and a luck-based game.

This game needs concentration and one needs to take action quickly.

When I play this game for the first time I got confused. 

As I participated in the exhibition to showcase my handmade and customized jewellery for sales on March 8'.

The game was organized by the Exhibition organizer for the purpose of the Social cause.

So many got interested and played the game.  Housie game requires you to buy a pair of cards for Rs. 100/-

Its like win/win. If we win we will be getting some gifts. If not We will be happy that a small amount will be helpful for someone who is deprived.

Category to cover

# Arundathi Roy         # Breakfast (1 to 30)
# Indra Noovi             # Lunch(31 to 60)
# Kiran Bedi               # Dinner (61 to 90)
# Seema Rao              # I Full House
# Mary Kom              # II Full House
#Jaldi 5                      # III Full House

We have to concentrate on each level from both the card to say that we finish. There are 12 prizes in total. 

Each box has three numbers from the slot of 1 to 90.

And now the game

(Arundathi Roy, Indra Nooyi, Kiran Bedi, Seema Rao, Mary Kom):

The game organiser chooses the numbers randomly and announces one by one.

 We will have to tick the numbers which is available in our cards.

 If we complete any one of the rows having three circles we will be the winner. If someone finishes first we have to tick the names of the particular celebrity from the list .They can be only one winner from both the cards for each celebrity.

Jaldi 5:  If we finish any five numbers from one card first we are the winners

Breakfast (1 to 30):
If we finish the available numbers from (1 to 30 ) from any of the two cards, then we are the winner.

It's a similar process for Lunch (31 to 60) and Dinner (61 to 90). 

I Full House:  
If we complete all the fifteen numbers from one card we will be the winner.

II Full House: If we complete all the fifteen numbers from the second card we will be the winner.

III Full HouseIf we are the first to complete both the cards 15+ 15 Numbers we will be the winner.

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