Friday, 20 September 2019

Maami's Samayal

Maami's samayal

We went to Maami's Samayal at Regenta Central Deccan-Royapetta, which has been newly opened.

We can get South Indian food, Which is made without onion and garlic.

The pickle and the podi been made by the chef instantly . She makes the podi once in three days.

Food will be available during afternoon and Night. Thali is being available with some tasty araitha sambar, rasam, and so on.

The food had less chilli, salt, tamarind, oil and ghee in her cooking. It is a brahmin style samayal.

You get thokku ,vadam, vadagam , vathakulambu, porial, kootu, kalavai sadham, dosa, appalam, sambar, rasam, chutney, thuvaiyal, sweet, payasam, curd, pickle and so on.

She makes different dishes daily.  

Evening /Night Special: Podi idli, pesarattu, kulipaniyaram, pidi kolukattai, more appam, amini kolukattai, arisi upma, adai aviyal, dosa and so on.,

 Maami's Samayal Chef Mrs.Prema Nambiraja about her restaurant as Below:

# Podi and Pickle made by herself.

#Podi like parupupodi being made by her once in two days instantly.

# sambar podi, rasam podi made in daily basis for making sambar and rasam.
#Pickle makes her own seasonal picles.

# some book the table via phone to the restaurant and order what they want and enjoy.

Maami,s special: Akkaravadisal, Poli.

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