Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Contest from Preethi Kitchen Appliances

Recipe for the Perfect #DateWithMom

Preethi Kitchen Appliances Announces Mother’s Day contest to show one’s appreciation to her

Chennai, May 8, 2019: 2 cups of love + 1 cup of patience + ½ tsp of sleepless nights + a pinch of laughter + a dash of tears + a handful of memories – the recipe for a good mother is indeed difficult to follow! She is your reliable advisor, your constant cheerleader and your closest confidant – she is the family’s rock star. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to show your appreciation for her.

So, how do you plan to celebrate this day – surprise her with a house party or a maybe a musician at her doorstep humming her favorite songs or an intimate dinner at the restaurant she has been longing to visit? Preethi Kitchen Appliances is back with the third season of #DateWithMom. Just share with us your recipe for the dream Mother’s Day date and just sit back, and relax as Preethi sets it up for you. Leave the planning to us as you spend quality time with your mum.

#DateWithMom is Preethi Kitchen Appliances’ annual tradition which gives 3 lucky winners, across India, a chance to fulfill their dream Mother’s Day date. 

To participate just visit ->

Contest name: 
Date With Mom
Last date to submit entries: 20thMay, 2019
Page to visit and describe:
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Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Advanced Hair Studio celebrates 10 years of success

Advanced Hair Studio

We went for an Event conducted by Advanced Hair Studio at ITC Grand Chola-Chennai on 30th April 2019.

Advanced Hair studio celebrated there 10 years of success with Brand Ambassador and Cricket Legend Sourav Ganguly and IPL Star Mohit Sharma.

In that event Sourav Ganguli and Mohit Sharma spoke about the benefits of Advanced Hair Studio and shared their experience and thoughts about Cricket.

You can get a brief glimpse about the press meet from below:

Advanced Hair Studio – celebrates the completion of 10 years of success in the Indian Subcontinent, World's Largest hair replacement, Restoration and Retention Company.

Mr. Sanket Shah, CEO & MD-Middle East & India announce brand's expansion plans with the opening of two new Advanced Hair Studios in 2019.

Sourav Ganguly Said “It feels good to be associated with a brand, fostering healthy living for over a decade now. Advanced Hair Studio is known for innovation and excellence in the hair care industry. I congratulate the team on their exceptional journey and wish them success for their future endeavors.”

The CEO & MD, Middle East & India Sub Continent of Advanced Hair Studio, Mr. Sanket Shah said, “It is immensely motivating to see the pace at which the brand has grown in India in last ten years. The response has been extremely positive and now we are set to enter into the suburban markets. Indian hair care and restoration industry have significant growth potential and there are few players who can guarantee certified quality services.”

Advanced Hair Studio AHS started in 1970s in the United States of America, and now its 45 years old organisation. The 2.4-billion-dollar company is renowned across the world for the best infrastructure with state of art facilities in Hair Replacement and Hair Retention industry.  In the past 45 years close to 1 million people have benefited from Advanced Hair Studio’s advice and procedures.

AHS had 10,000 Celebrities from Hollywood, Bollywood, Sports and Pop Stars across the world. They have more than 200 Brand Ambassadors endouring them including very popular cricketers like Gautham Gambhir, Sourav Ganguly from India, Shane Warne, Grew Matthews From Australia, Jacques Kallis from South Africa, Ravi Bopara, Graham Gooch and Darren Gough from England and so many more.

Advanced Hair Studio launched its operation’s in India in 2007-08 and offers the same facilities and experience to the Indian customers through its 9 studios spread across India - Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Punjab (Ludhiana), Pune and now Gurgaon with outstanding infrastructure which is larger than life. Advanced Hair Studio is the world’s first and the largest hair replacement company which has a vision to open studios in all metro and mega cities of Indian-Sub continent and Middle East with state-of-the-art facilities, best possible infrastructure and technology far advanced than any company in Hair Restoration industry.

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Monday, 29 April 2019

Storing tea powder for gardening

Tea powder

In the beginning I directly added the daily use tea powder to the soil.

Then i feel it was not the best way. Then I started using the below method.

 I kept used teapowder in a plate after filtering.

This tea powder is without sugar.

After it dried fully I shifted the tea powder in a box and stored it for gardening.

I used the tea powder (half spoon for each plant) directly once in a week .

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Saturday, 27 April 2019

organic compost -My experience

Organic Compost

I research several times and tried in many ways for making this organic compost .

Like others I too worried about the bad spell which comes from the time taken for the  compost. 

Its necessary to add composting in a regular duration for the health of the trees. 

So I store vegetable peels for two or three days to get sufficient quantity . Then i cut it in to so many small pieces and directly put it in to soil before planting. 

It is difficult to do the same process once the tree starts growing. Simultaneously I add tea waste regularly to the plants. 

Then I tried to make composing using waterbottles.

I took a bottle and cut the top portion and made some three to four holes just below and the end of the bottles for getting the water out and for the air circulation.

Then I started to make the same procedure of collecting daily wastes for 2 to 3 days. Then I cut it into small bits and put it in the bottle layer by layer.

While doing this I added one layer of soil from the garden, then teapowder, dry leaves ,some paper bits ,daily wastes then drops of water .

I filled the bottle till 3/4 of its size. 

It took few months to get compost. Vocationally I add a spoon of milk, curd or water.

In the bottom of the bottle organic compost will occupy two or three layers with dry components. Some will be finely powdered, and some with big peaces.

Now you can strain it using flour strainer .Take the powdered compost for your gardening .

Now shift the big particles to the bottle for future composting.

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Friday, 29 March 2019

EWIT's 13th anniversary event -2019

Ewit #balanceforbetter

EWIT- Empowering Women in IT/ITES. Women associated with IT/ ITES by Education/Profession can be a part in this Ewit as a Member.

We went for an event Conducted by EWIT #balanceforbetter motivating  women in order to manage both work and family.

Umasree Ragunath invited us for the event.

In that event Ms. Krithika Swamynathan Intuit Vice President, who shared her wonderful experience
infront of us was an inspirational one.

After juggling many roles she worked to prove what can be achieved by anyone having confidence in ourselves

In that event she shared about the importance of Sponsor/Mentor. How both are important to achieve success in our career.

She rejected her job after three months worked in an MNC at HongKong as her boss didn't allow to visit the client's directly. Then she moved to Indonesia and stayed at home as she didn't have workpermit. She learned  Indonesiean language.

Then after some time she noticed an offer in the newpaper. She applied for the job. She got selected and worked there for the Sultan of Brunei.

Next Guest Ms. Bargavi Nuvvula, Global Cio-Corporate Technology, BNY Mellon Technology.

She shared her struggles from childhood to adult.

She is from a small village in Andhrapradesh.

After completing 6th Grade, she got a chance to continue her studies in North India.

Apart from studies she participated in sports and extra currcular activities to prove herself.

She herself motivated by reading a lot of books.

Some of the books she recommended are “Biology of Belief”, “Heel your Body”, “Radical Forgiveness” and so on.

She shared some golden words “Don't wear a job as Your accessory”, “ Repeat thoughts in your mind that are giving power to you”, “Limits are in your head”.

The next session was a group discussion by Banu, Pallavi Shome, Kumaran Meenakshi Sundharam,  Saudhik, Pinky Taireja.  

Their thoughts on Balanceforbetter are:

“Get your own cup full first”
“Treat Everybody equally”
“Change has to start from us”
 “Heel the suffering by being more strong” “Its up to us to change ourselves”

Other common points were:

*Leadership anybody who takes initiative
*Exercise on health
*Helping others through simple things

#EWIT #Balanceforbetter #womenempowerment #motivation #innovative 

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Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Roof/Kitchen Gardening- Review

Roof/Kitchen Gardening

Roof/Kitchen gardening is a passion for everyone now-a-days. Here is some information I gathered about Kitchen gardening from a recent training.

  •  For gardening we can use the grow bags, pots, containers etc., 
  • we need to grow medium weight of garden in the roof.
  • Then we need seed materials/plants, quality water irrigation system and drainage, Fertilizer.
  • While making the gardening the thing we should remember are sun, light and water.
  • Best time for watering is  9-10 in the morning , and  4-5 in the evening
Watering should be one time a day during winter. Water the plants twice a day during Summer. And don't put excess water than what is required for the tree.

For Composting use closed bins/tubs.
Take a bin add two times of soil, then dry leaves, then daily cut vegetable/fruit peels, then the fourth layer use curd for composting or Worms.
 Continue the same process till the bin fills to the 3/4th then cover it add water daily for composting. Open the lid for 30 minutes maximum a day.

  • Nutrition to the plants: Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur.

Some of the Organic matter which can be repeated every 15 days for the growth of the plants and do not exeed the level.

Vermicompost, Farm Manure, Panchakavya, Dasakavya, Neem Oil, Neem cake, Groundnut Cake,compost and so on.

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Monday, 11 February 2019

Casual Earrings

Casual Earrings

Product code: SE:135
Model: Stone Earrings
Colour: Golden and white
Price: Rs.150.00 + Courier Charge
To Order: Click Here

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RR Fashion Jewellery - Products & Ordering

RR Fashion Jewellery - Product Page

These following are handmade Fashion Jewellery items made by me. Fashion Jewellery is a trendy option nowadays. It looks beautiful, is quite inexpensive, and it can be easily customized to suit your garments.

The materials I use for making the fashion jewellery are Silk Thread, Polished Metal, Pearls, Beads, etc.

To Enquire or Order: Call or Send a WhatsApp Message to 9551547189. (Kindly mention the Product code you are interested in. It is available in all product images)

Terms of Business -

  1. Payment: Online Bank Transfer/PayTM transfer/Paypal or Equivalent Payment Gateway (For Debit & Credit cards). Payment details will be given once the order is finalized. 
  2. Cash On Delivery is available only for Chennai now for a limited time. However, courier charges (Rs. 40) will still be charged extra. 
  3. Delivery: 7 Working Days (Maximum) if stock is available. If we have to customize the product according to your requirements (colour, design, etc.) the delivery time may be more - please check with us while ordering. 
  4. Warranty: Since these are low-cost Fashion Jewellery products, there is no warranty. Customers are requested to handle them carefully and not expose it to water, etc. for longer life. 

For updates regarding new products and design, you can follow my -

Silk Thread Bangles B:101

Silk Thread Bangles B:102

 Silk Thread Jhimki Earrings JE:103


Metal Necklace and Earing Set MS:104

Silk Thread Jhimki Earrings JE:105

Beaded Earrings BE:106

Silk Thread Bangles B:107

Metal Bangles MB:108

Metal Bangles MB:109

Beaded Earrings BE:110

Silk Thread Bangles B:111

Silk Thread Necklace N:112

Silk thread bangles B:113

Silk thread set SS:114

Silk thread bangles B:115

silk thread jhimki earrings JE:116

silk thread Necklace N:117

silk thread set SS:118

Silk thread bangles B:119

Beaded Earrings BE:120

Pearl Necklace PN:121

Pearl Set PS:122

Silk Thread Bangles B:123

Silk Thread Bangles B:124

Silk Thread Necklace N:125

Silk Thread Bangles B:126

Silk Thread Bangles B:127

Silk Thread Necklace N:128

Silk Thread Necklace N:129

Beaded Necklace BN:130

Silk Thread Nethi Chutti NC:131 


Silk Thread Necklace N:132

Silk Thread Jhimki Earrings JE:133

Pearl Beaded Chain PC:134

Stone Earrings SE: 135

Silk Thread Chandabali Earrings CE:136

Stone Earrings SE: 135

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Friday, 11 January 2019

Importance of Folic Acid Supplements During Pregnancy to Prevent Cleft

Importance of Folic Acid Supplements During Pregnancy to Prevent Cleft

Folic Acid supplements are the synthesized form of naturally occurring Vitamin in the B-Complex group. Folic Acid supplements are believed to reduce the chance of cleft occurrence in babies. It is suggested that women take folic acid supplements at a pre-conception stage – while they are planning for pregnancy, and during the pregnancy stage (in limited quantity, according to their doctor’s prescription) to prevent multiple birth defects in babies.
What are the sources of Folate/Folic Acid?
Folate, the naturally occurring folic acid, can be found in foods like leafy greens, spinach, cereals, citrus fruits, broccoli, lettuce, mushrooms, beans, etc.
Folic Acid is also available in synthesized form as supplements (pills) or in multi-vitamin tablets.
Is it required to take Folic Acid supplements separately?
Not always. Only if tests show a deficiency in folate or during conditions like pregnancy where the intake of more folate has been shown to be beneficial in reducing birth defects in babies, folic acid supplements may be prescribed by your doctor.
What are the benefits of consuming Folic Acid supplements?
For pregnant women, and for women of child-bearing age planning to get pregnant, it is beneficial to consume folic acid via supplements as it can prevent birth defects in babies like neural tube defects, aid in proper spine/brain development, reduce the chances of cleft lip/cleft palate occurrence, etc. More information on this topic is available on this page.
Folic acid is also useful in the betterment of other medical conditions like kidney diseases, high-levels of homo-cysteine in blood, stroke, vision/hearing loss, etc.
Folic acid supplements can sometimes be prescribed to reduce the side effects of other medicines/drugs like methotrexate.
How can Folic Acid supplements be consumed?
Folic Acid is available as pills and can be directly consumed via mouth. This is the most common way of taking folic acid supplements. Folic acid supplements can sometimes be applied directly to the skin to treat gum problems, or they can be given via a needle (injection) for treating certain medical conditions.
How much of Folic Acid supplements can one consume?
Folic Acid supplements and their quantity is generally recommended by a Physician/Doctor and patients are advised to stick to the levels suggested by their medical practitioners.
Generally, 200 to 500 mcg of Folic Acid is suggested per day for pregnant women and women in pre-conception stage who are planning pregnancy shortly. Over consumption of folic acid may lead to side effects.
Is it important to take Folic Acid before pregnancy?
Since most birth defects happen within the first 30-40 days of child growth in the womb, it is better to start taking folic acid supplements at the pre-conception stage itself. If you are planning to get pregnant, it is a good idea to start taking folic acid supplements after consulting with a doctor.
Folic acid not only reduces the chances of occurrence of cleft lip/palate, but it also reduces the chances of occurrence of more serious birth defects in brain/spinal cord like neural tube defects. Some believe that folic acid can even reduce the chances for miscarriages and pre-mature child births.
Whom do I consult for Folic Acid supplement prescription?
You can consult your doctor and he/she might refer you to the appropriate specialists. Or you can also consult the experts of Anamaya Indo Pacific who are running a multi-centre cleft prevention program in India – especially in Chennai and Tamil Nadu. Anamaya is an NGO led by Dr. Shreekala, a dentist by profession, who collaborate with a team of medical professionals committed to the cause of prevention of birth defects in India.
You can visit Anamaya Indo Pacific website and Anamaya Indo Pacific Facebook page to get more information about cleft prevention/cure. You can also contact them using the address/phone no. information available in their contact us page.

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