Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Toy train @ Chennai Rail Museum

Toy Train

We went to Chennai rail museum last week. We enjoyed the toy train second time as we went there last year also. But this time we went in the toy train late evening - at 6.40 pm when the train was filled with people. 

We ha full fun at that time. Many took pics and selfie in the train. And the sound of the train was good as it gave real goods train effect. 

The train went around twice. When it got into the tunnel it was a nice experience. Many kids and few ladies shouted as an echo for the sound that comes from the engine. If the driver had used the horn more it would have been more fun - I feel. In other places, the train mostly moves silently. 

Toy train timings on weekdays: 11.10 A.M, 12.10 A.M, 01.10 A.M, 02.40 P.M, 03.40 P.M, 04.40 P.M, )5.40 P.M. Weekends: In addition to the above, 06.40 P.M, and 07.40 P.M.

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