Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Rediscovering the Lost Art of Family Picnics

Rediscovering the Lost Art of Family Picnics

Travelling and exploring the world together is increasingly becoming an important part of family bonding and creating lasting memories between parents and children. Be it a trip to the ancient hidden temples or a visit to rustic-chic cafes, the outdoor adventures and exhilarating are gaining popularity and making their place in planning a great trip or vacation.

Regarding this Holiday Inn Hotels and Resorts is reviving the "Lost art of Family Picnics" where families reconnect over a beautiful outdoor picnic in parks that are on every child's bucket list to see and explore. This initiative not only creates an environment for families to experience the joy of travel and exploration, but above all - togetherness. 

Spending quality time together helps strengthen the bond between family members and contributes a well-rounded development for children. Activities such as family picnics help foster conversations outside the regular family routine and bring children and parents close together. In addition to emotional well-being, the outdoor group activities help hone children's interpersonal skills and motivate them to actively participate in the world around them. 

A perfect outdoor picnic involves choosing a good location that could be in a luscious green park, on a beach or even a mountain top. Putting together a nutritious and delicious picnic basket with a few naughty treats is also essential to creating a memorable outdoor picnic experience. 

There are over 1200 Holiday Inn hotels worldwide and 12 operating Holiday Hotels in India across cities such as Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Amongst others, with a further 14 due to open in the next 3-5 years. 

"Kids eat and stay free" programme is available at every Holiday Inn property, and Kidsuites rooms are available at every Holiday Inn Resort hotel. This demonstrates the long-standing commitment of the Holiday Inn brand to serving family travellers in a comfortable atmosphere where everyone can sit back and relax.

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