Thursday, 14 December 2017

Custom Birthday Slideshows from Photos & Videos

Organizing a birthday party at home or even at a restaurant is cool. But sharing those special moments with the world on social networks or just storing those memories on hard-drive/pen-drive requires some diligence.

Of course you can store or share your special moments as hundreds of raw photos and videos like everyone else. Or better, you can choose the best photos/videos, make a small movie using them and share it everywhere with pride. Which would you choose?

One of the best ways to make your photos and videos more appealing is to create a slideshow video using them. Now slideshows are not just presentations with one slide shown after the other, but they have evolved to include animations, 3D effects, reflection effects, cool transitions, video backgrounds, stylish text, mesmerizing music and much more.

In one sentence, it is now possible to make a short movie using your photos and videos that not only makes them look attractive and holds the viewer's attention, but also make you stand apart from the crowd.

But who has all that time, patience and money?

What if I tell you that you can now make mini-movies out of the photos and videos that you have taken during special occasions like birthdays and other events without spending much time? All you need to do is select your best photos and send them to us - we'll take care of the rest. And don't worry, a customized slideshow video will just cost a fraction of hiring your own graphic designer or even outsourcing the work to a nearby studio.

Have a look at the birthday portfolio video made by us recently -

This is just a sample video as we can add many more effects and transitions to make your video look extra special and uniquely attractive. Besides, we are open to customize your video according to your needs and preferences.

To have a look at a few more videos created by us and to order your own mini-movie, visit our website WOWSUPER.NET

This is a guest post by Rajesh K who is a professional slideshow creator and motion graphics artist at
Aishwarya Web Developer

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