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Sell your Old Phone/Tablet for Instant Cash at (#CleanUpCashOut)

How I sold my old phone

If you want to know how to sell your phone easily and instantly, go to the end of the article now. If you want to read my experience of how I sold my old phone using traditional methods and then, like me, come to the conclusion that it's easier to sell our old gadgets through newer and faster methods, read on. 

I bought a Nokia phone few years back and I used it for many years. Later I wanted to sell the phone as I was impressed with the new mobile phone models and wanted to buy the latest model.

So I went to the shop to sell or exchange the phone. But in the shop, the shop keeper told me that the phone can only be exchanged and that too at a very low price. So I went to other shops. Even there they said exchange value was very low. So after that I sold it for the better of the least amount I got and because of the exchange I couldn't negotiate the price of the new phone as well. The entire experience was hopeless.

Besides, the shopkeepers had many questions regarding the old phone. Also, many a time, we spent a lot of time in shops as the owner of the shop was not there. He had to come in order to decide on the exchange price. In fact we came out to have juice and make new purchases that we never intended and this resulted in further losses.

In the last shop, I was really exhausted and decided to sell the phone at whatever rate the owner decides to quote. With this intention, I went inside. The worker, not surprisingly, asked me to wait and maybe look at the new phone models while we were waiting.

In spite of having decided on the new model earlier, we still looked at other phones to pass time. Since the shopkeeper also didn't have much work, he also kept explaining about each phone we happened to look.

Fortunately the owner came after an hour or so. But to our shock he offered only 500 rupees for that phone as a exchange value. He had asked weather I had headphone, charger, phone box, etc. He also asked many other questions like whether the phone was damaged, did it ever fall inside water, did I use the warranty to change any parts, etc. 

In the meanwhile we decided to move on to another shop as we didn't like the way they spoke with us. And to top all that, they even said who will have such an old phone nowadays. It seems no one is ready to buy such old secondhand phones from them and they needed newer models for buyback. Heck, if I had a newer model, why would I come to the shop and enquire about exchange?

Actually, I tried selling the phone in my network - friends and relatives - and the were also equally uninterested. 

I am sure someone somewhere will be interested in cheap old models as many people can't afford a new phone. Why the shopkeepers were speaking like that with us was a mystery. All the excitement of buying a new phone was gone and we are generally left only with irritation. 

These things happened when I went to the shop on a normal day. Imagine if it was the festival season and there are more people in the shop. I am pretty sure that the shopkeepers will just show a couple of new models and quickly exchange the old phones for some throwaway price without hesitation. Due to lack of time, we might want to finish the task quickly and move on.

After all these experiences, I finally decided to buy the phone in a shop where the salesman spoke politely and offered a value that was slightly better. I had to walk for 2-3 hours, visit 7-8 shops, and roam all around my area spotting mobile shops just to sell my old phone. 

I guess the buyback offers at Online websites are better but the issue is we cannot touch and test the new phone we are going to get. I had always wanted a separate website where I could just sell my old phones/tablets/PCs and not bother about buying a new gadget immediately. 

Looks like there is one in India too and it works on all major cities.

You can now sell your old gadgets, whether in usable condition or otherwise, on Cashify,in website or app. You'll get an instant quote on their website and the company will arrange to pick up your phone directly from your house. No roaming, no bargaining, no arguing, no wasting time or energy. Just click and sell. It's that easy. 

If you decide to sell your phone on Cashify, try using the coupon code CLEANCASH (valid for a limited period) to get an additional Rs.250 on your phone or laptop. 


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