Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Our experience at V-Lounge Restaurant, Chennai

V-Lounge Restaurant

We went to V-Lounge restaurant & Hookah bar, No. 6, College Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai, a few days back. There we had a new dining experience. V-Lounge is a restaurant and a hookah bar for anyone wishing to spend more time having long conversations over a hearty meal. 

The interior decoration was awesome - the place looks as good as a pub but this is not one. The lights are mild but still sufficient. They play music continuously and there are large flat TVs that not necessarily dance to the tunes of the music being played. I wonder why! 

V-Lounge is a Vegetarian Restaurant. The food which they serve there is really good and the taste was awesome. They also offer the Hookah, which is non-tobacco based, maybe for people who want to smoke for fun.   

Most of their dishes that we had were good. We tried Triple cheese grill, Mexican grill sandwich, Veg Kesaria, Mongalian rice, Current cooler, Strawberry mojito, Kiwi mojito, Berry berry, Pink lemonade, Dragon baby corn, Chilli mushroom, Pasta, Sphagethi, Chilli paneer, Basil rice and Fried Icecream. 

Among these I loved the Pasta, Chilli paneer, Basil rice and Fried Icecream. 

They have good staff who interacted with us frequently. Even their owner seems to have a penchant for customer interaction, probably to get first-hand feedback. 

If you are around the College Road/Greams Road area, you can also order their food Online from Zomato. But I feel visiting the restaurant is the best way to get a complete meal experience :) Below are some pics taken at this restaurant during my visit -

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