Sunday, 3 September 2017

Interesting experiences while travelling in city buses

Interesting Experience

I travel in city buses to go to work. I face different types of people in buses. Mainly teenagers, college goers, and working people.

The common thing that links them all is the mobile phone. Once people get into the bus, they open their phones. Not all of them, but most. Most people browse/chat on Whatsapp or Facebook. And few were hearing something with the help of headphones even though it is not good for their eardrums.

Few people were speaking on the phone using headphones. Funny thing is, a few put the mic inside their mouth and were even biting the mic while speaking! Headphones do help by maintaining silence in the bus, but its over-usage should be avoided, that too in high volume. It's fine for listening to songs and speaking to others, if done minimally.

There is not much interaction between fellow passengers directly. I noticed one more thing - people pass money to other passengers to buy tickets. This is a good practice in crowded buses as it enables people who can't reach the conductor to buy tickets from where ever they are standing/sitting. It also helps them to keep their purses/handbags safe as they don't have to move through the crowd. 

During a sudden brake, it's difficult for people to sit in buses without jerking forward. It's even more difficult for passengers who are standing, especially the shorter ones who cannot reach the railing on the top.

Sometimes fellow passengers help standing passengers by holding their bags, books, etc. It is good if we can give a seat to people with small kids, if they don't get to sit.If not, at least we can hold the kids for sometime.  

Most of the buses here have separate seating arrangement for ladies and gents. In the ladies side only ladies can sit but in the gents side both tend to sit. If women come with their family, maybe it's OK to sit in the gents seat, but if they come alone it may be better to sit on the ladies seat. That's because gents also face a lot of pressure at work and they might be tired, so it's better to give them their seats especially in crowded buses. 

Some passengers may not know the exact cost of the ticket. We should try to give exact change. I feel this will be helpful to the conductor and for ourselves too. Just think - a conductor is giving tickets and change to people from the morning to evening. It's not fair to expect them to have change every time. So, by proper planning it is possible to help them by giving the exact change. In shops they tend to give a chocolate for one or two rupee change and we take that. Just imagine what will happen if the conductor also decides to follow the same method in buses :P

I suggest that people in the front beside the driver don't sleep, passengers don't speak loud and not try to get down near the signals and breakers. It maybe better if passengers don't stand on the stairs. If a bus is crowded wait for another bus. 
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