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How to Take Care in Summer

Tips to protect yourself from the heat:

* Mainly children and senior citizens should have to prevent themselves from heat more.
* During summer, people suffer mainly for heat stroke, dehydration etc,.
* Dehydration is the main symptom for heat exhaustion.
* Dehydration raises in the lack of water or salt on our body.

Symptoms for heat Exhausion:

* Excess thristy, extreme weakness.
* Severe headache.
* Vomiting Sensation.
* Confusing mind and anxiety
* Low heart beat levels.
* Frequent tension.
* Sweating and feeling fatigue.
* Pale skin-symptom for dehydration.

Symptoms of heat stroke:

* Reeling of the head
* Dry skin.
* Heart beat change.
* Less urine.
* Vomiting sensation.
* Feeling fatigue.
* Less or no sweating.
* Short breathing.
* Loss of consciousness.
* Increase body temperature.

Do's and Dont's in Summer.


* Intake plenty of water, take water bottle wherever you go.
* Take fresh fruits and juices like lemon to avoid dehydration.
* Keep consuming liquids like Buttermilk, Lassi, Flavoured milk etc.,
* Avoid going in Direct sun. Use Umbrella, Sun Glass while going outside.
* Wear cotton clothes in light colour. Loose fitting and light weight material is good.
* Take Lime Juice, Tender coconut regularly.
* Eat fresh Fruits/Vegetables Salad.


* Avoid wearing dark coloured and heavy dress.
* Avoid spicy and heavy food in summer.
* Avoid too much Tea, Coffee, etc.,


Don't stay outdoors in summer. Take care of your children and elders. In case of Emergency give them First Aid. Give medicines immediately in case of emergency. Take plenty of water.

General tips:

* Fill water in a bottle, add one or two spoons of sugar and a pinch of salt, mix it well and drink to reduce dehydration.
* Usage of juices and salads are good for health.

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