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Polio Vaccination Awareness

Polio Vaccination

Polio vaccine is used to prevent  from Poliomyelitis. There are two types of polio. 1. Inativated polio 2. Weakened polio. WHO insists that all children take vaccines to prevent polio.

The inactivated polio (in the form of vaccine) is safe. Mild redness or pain occurs at the time of  injection. Oral polio vaccine is for Paralytic poliomyelitis.

Inactivated vaccine was developed by Jonas Salk and came for use in 1955. The oral polio vaccine was developed by Albert Sabin and came in to commercial use in 1961.

WHO declared India as a Polio Free Country. For the past three years, polio has not been reported.

More about Polio:

1. Polio is a viral infection which is caused by the wild polio virus.
2. Polio affects children below 5.
3. Polio can only be prevented, it cannot be cured.

Symptoms of Polio:

1. Fever   2. Headache  3. Sore throat  4. Vomiting  5. Fatigue.

It is suggested that every child in India be vaccinated against polio as per the doctor's recommendations.

The TN Govt's pulse polio program to administer Polio Vaccine will be held at various places on Jan. 17 & Feb. 21, 2017. Details here.

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