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Mahabalipuram Review


Mahabalipuram also known as Mammalapuram, and ancient port city of the Pallavas, Who ruled from 600 to 750 A.D. Kancheepuram as its capital. It is located at the seashores of the Bay of Bengal which is 55 kms from Chennai. Mahabalipuram has temple architecture, Cave temples, Monoliths, Open-air-bas-reliefs and structural temples all within walking distance.

Mahabalipuram gives the thrill and enthusiasm when you visit it for the first time. It inspires to have a look at this again and again. 

Shore Temple

Shore Temple is one of the oldest temples in South India. It is located at the edge of the Mahabalipuram Beach. It is said to have built by King Rajasimha in the second half of the 7th Century A.D., It is the best example of the first place of structural temples constructed in the Dravidian style. 

Arjuna's Penance

Arjuna's Penance is the world's Largest Bas-Relief measuring 27m-9m is the great pride for the Mahabalipuram. The rock has figures of gods, demigods, men, beasts, birds and infants. The rock-cut cave traditionalrepresented more than thirteen caves, It was initiated by Mahendravarma I. They ar for simplicity in decoration and plan. Important in the cave temples are konerimadapa, Mahishashramardhini cave, Varahamandapa, Adi-Varahamandapa, tirumurthi Cave and Krishnamandapa.

Mahishasuramardhini Cave

Mahishasuramadhini cave is depiciting the goddess fighting a demon on one side and Lord Vishnu's Cosmic sleep on the other is particulalarly remarkable scooped cave, Sure to keep spell-bounded.

Five Rathas

Five Monolithic temples created in a different style. It is also called as Pancha Pandava Rathas. Four of the rocks on our belief scopped out from a single rock,which is carved richly with art motifs and wall panels despite of many hindu divinities and royal portraits.

Krishna Mandapam

Sculpture in the rock face of one wall-lord krishna as the protector of all living beings,presenting man, birds and beast.

Krishna's Butter ball

Krishna's ball is at Ganesha Ratna is popularly known as Hrishna's Butter Ball. Several pallava kings tried to move the rock with the kings and the elephant, but can't able to move it even a inch too.

Varaha cave

Varaha Cave is a small rock-cut mandapam featuring four panels of fine looking doorkeepers and four interesting bas-reliefs.

Light House Heritage and Marine Museum

The museum is maintain by the Director general of lighthouses and lightships houses miniatures of different kinds of ships,fishing boats, defence vesels, specimens of ships and a deep-sea channel markingmarking among the other things.

Tiger cave

Tiger cave is located at the monument complex. It is an open-air theater, where cultural programmes held during Pallava Period. Eventhough it is near to the sea, the palce is very serene and calm. After Tsunami a new site has been excvated which is a Murugan temple dating back to 50 A.D.

Terrecota dancing images, brass lamp, clay lamp, brass peacock. Stone spear had been excaved within the big remnants of the temple complex.

Chronicle India's 7DX Theatre

7Dx theatre located near Mahabalipuram bus stand screens India's first and only historical 7DX movie, Pallava Dynasty-A time travel. 30 minutes show not only revolves around Mahabalipurambut also trace the path of the Pallavas from Mamandur to Kancheepuram covering the early scriptures, marvellous temples and astounding time defying sculptures. All age group will love it and understand this film because the stories behind the sculptures and presented using 7DX technology which makes the spectators to believe that they are watching the historical events as if they are happening in real time.

It has not just downloaded with the tons of visual effects but also uses traditional forms such as "Thol Paavai Koothu". For the first time in India to convey the Indian Myths. It elucidates how mythology relates to the sculptures of Mahabalipuram in an educative yet entertaining way.

Sculpture Park

Sculpture Park, Mahabalipuram has been installedwith sculptures of architectural splendor. These artistic sculptures in stone are vitally showing the ancient history events.

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Thursday, 14 December 2017

Custom Birthday Slideshows from Photos & Videos

Organizing a birthday party at home or even at a restaurant is cool. But sharing those special moments with the world on social networks or just storing those memories on hard-drive/pen-drive requires some diligence.

Of course you can store or share your special moments as hundreds of raw photos and videos like everyone else. Or better, you can choose the best photos/videos, make a small movie using them and share it everywhere with pride. Which would you choose?

One of the best ways to make your photos and videos more appealing is to create a slideshow video using them. Now slideshows are not just presentations with one slide shown after the other, but they have evolved to include animations, 3D effects, reflection effects, cool transitions, video backgrounds, stylish text, mesmerizing music and much more.

In one sentence, it is now possible to make a short movie using your photos and videos that not only makes them look attractive and holds the viewer's attention, but also make you stand apart from the crowd.

But who has all that time, patience and money?

What if I tell you that you can now make mini-movies out of the photos and videos that you have taken during special occasions like birthdays and other events without spending much time? All you need to do is select your best photos and send them to us - we'll take care of the rest. And don't worry, a customized slideshow video will just cost a fraction of hiring your own graphic designer or even outsourcing the work to a nearby studio.

Have a look at the birthday portfolio video made by us recently -

This is just a sample video as we can add many more effects and transitions to make your video look extra special and uniquely attractive. Besides, we are open to customize your video according to your needs and preferences.

To have a look at a few more videos created by us and to order your own mini-movie, visit our website WOWSUPER.NET

This is a guest post by Rajesh K who is a professional slideshow creator and motion graphics artist at
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Skola Toys: Discovery & Learning for Kids via Play


Recently, we went to an event on educational toys organized by Skola Toys at The Park, Chennai. There we had a discussion on Discovery vs Dictation methodologies of imparting knowledge to children. In that discussion many of them shared their views about both the approaches. They also spoke about parenting in general and their personal experiences of bringing up kids as mothers. The discussion was a wonderful one as I was able to grasp a lot of things from them.

We also discussed the merits and demerits about technology and how it helps in the growth of the kids. Many parents spoke vehemently about the demerits of technology and how kids get affected by it. 

We noticed that even little kids now-a-days have the habit of using cellphones continuously but it may not be the right age to use, While kids spend a lot of time with phones, apart from their eyes no other part is working at that time. Now-a-days kids don't prefer to play outdoor games due to which their hands and legs may not move with the dexterity expected at that age. 

Even if we offer toys to play they tend to play with it for some time and then they throw it off when they feel bored with it. They don't show interest in playing with the toys after a few times and always want something new because toys do not challenge their intellectual capacity. With regular toys, they may not have a chance to learn anything new - mostly. There are very few toys which create interest in learning and increase their creativity.

Skola then showed us some toys and asked us to play with them. Initially we thought it should be easy and fun, especially for us adults, but were surprised to notice that it took sometime for us to grasp the concept. It did challenge us intellectually. I feel these kind of toys will be helpful to the kids to learn something by their own.

Skola has divided the toys age-wise and subject-wise to make it easy for parents to determine which toy might be the best for their kids and for what purpose. It will also enable kids to learn via play without any pressure or rules. 

Here are a few toys that I found interesting during the meet. To get details on the complete portfolio of toys available with them, please visit website

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Friday, 1 December 2017

Indira Agrotech's Organic Farm

Indira Agrotech's Organic Farm

Indira agrotech has launched its new project near Dindivanam. They plan to cultivate organic rice in a land located in a village near Dindivanam. For this venture, they are inviting people to take up ownership of small pieces of land and lease it back to the company in exchange for a part of the produce every year. 

We went to a meet organized by Indira Agrotech at the site recently. They have installed solar panels to generate electircity with the help of sunlight. They plan to use natural manure and insect repellents. We saw a ploughing machine which will probably help to sow and cultivate grains. It seems they have also employed a few people from the village. 

We saw a big well there with plenty of water which should be sufficient for cultivating land. And apart from the land they have also laid pathways and facilities to do vermi compost.

We can buy a land and build a house. Many people in cities do only that. In fact, the parent company of Indira Agrotech is also into building houses. But there are many people in cities who want to do farming but don't have the time or land for the same. This scheme might be useful to them as it makes them land owners and grow organic rice without the hassles involved in managing the labour.

The company is also planning to plant nearly 6000 trees like Vilvam, etc. all around the fields which will help to protect the crops from pesticides. Since they are planning to grow organic grains without pesticides these should be useful. In fact, many of us who went there planted a sapling. 

We felt good being at the farm, amidst nature. It was a great feeling. Do have a look at the scheme details from here to learn more about this project.

Disclaimer: We are not associated with the project, hence we suggest that readers do their research and get all their questions clarified from the company before deciding to buy.  

Few Images which we took at the organic farm

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Monday, 27 November 2017

​Ways to have your me-time as a Mum

                                         Ways to have your me-time as a Mum

When I chose to be a mum, I thought I knew what I was getting into. But the reality is that I knew very little about the job of being a mom! It is a crazy responsibility and tests your patience. Having said that, I would still love to do it again and again. And how do I get the drive to wake up every day and do my job with the same enthusiasm? Well, the trick is simple; giving myself the me-time that I deserve!! Here is how I indulge in my me-time:


I love shopping; and the best part is that I enjoy shopping not just for myself but for my entire family. I want us and our kids to be dressed smartly and comfortably. I try to buy the best possible clothes for our children, get matching accessories and shoes.

For my daughter, I usually buy clips, bands and pins that can adorn her beautiful hair. And for my son, I buy bow ties, watches and belts (bow ties for kids are pretty ‘in’ these days).

I am a fashion-conscious person myself and keep abreast of all the latest trends. I try and find looks that suit my personality and devote time on my grooming. This helps me take a break from the daily chores and also aids in personality development.


If there exists anything as exhilarating and entertaining as shopping, it is movies. I have a home theatre and I spend my alone time watching educational, information and thought provoking films. I share this time only with my favourite munchies sitting next to me on my couch.


I love to grow flowers, fruits & vegetables at our home garden. I plant, grow and nurture these babies myself! Moreover, I believe in cooking home-grown fresh fruits and vegetables for my family. I have also planted pots of fresh herbs that not just make my food delicious but also adds a beautiful aroma to my kitchen garden.


I am extremely fond of cooking and I love to prepare elaborate meals for my family and friends. I try various cuisines - Chinese, lebanese, thai and much more. Infact, I have even experimented with Kurkure to create some amazing snack recipes for my family. My kids enjoy every meal I make and that brings a smile to my face.

Snacking while reading

How can one just cook and not eat? After all, there is nothing such as a skinny chef! I make my meals and enjoy munching while I sit with a book. But there are times when I am lazy and want to snack on something picked from the shelf. I love reaching out to the packet of Kurkure every time I am at the supermarket. But recently, I heard a lot of rumors about Kurkure containing plastic. At first I was worried. “Have I been eating plastic all this while?”

I began to do my research and discovered that Kurkure contains just dal, corn, rice and spices!
I was quick to throw these thoughts out of my head and continue enjoying my favorite snack.

So, these are my ways of having my me-time! I hope you enjoyed reading the article; please share your comments and thoughts.
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Tuesday, 14 November 2017



We are celebrating Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru's Birthday as Children's Day. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was born in the year 1889,November 14.He is the First Prime Minister of Our Country. We call him as "Chacha Nehru" and kids call him as " Nehru Mama".He loves Children most. Prior 1964 we celebrated Universal Children's Day on November 20. Then after the death of Jawaharlal Nehru we started celebrating Children's Day on November 14.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had trust on children to make India a Proud Nation.

Wordings of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru :

" The Children of today will make the India of tomorrow" "Children do not think of differences amongst themselves"" I may not have enough time for adults, but I have enough time for children"

Jawaharlal Nehru married Kamla Kaul in 1916., and Indira Priyadharshini is there daughter.
Jawaharlal Nehru was a Prolific writer in English and wrote several books which includes "The Discovery of India" "Glimpses of World History" and his Biography "Towards Freedom"
A collection of letters he had written to his Daughter later become a book called"Letters form a Father to His Daughter"

We are giving many gifts to our children during different occassions. But for Children's Day we need to gift good deeds and teach them how to live. We should also motivate them to be responsible Citizen in Future. 

5 books to cultivate reading habits in young children

1. Harry Potter: This book was written by J.K. Rowling. Books are not just reading, It develops tolerance and empathy. Harry potter book makes children Empathetic and reduce prejudices among themselves.

2. George's Secret key to the Universe: This book was written by Lucy Hawking, Stephen Hawking and Christophe Galfard and published in the year 2007. The book was followed by Sequels George's Cosmic Treasure Hunt in 2009,George and the Big Bang in 2011,  George and the Unbreakable code in 2014 and George and the Blue Moon in 2016. These books are for children  aged 9 and above. They can easily understand about the Universe.

3. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: This book has 100 stories about Extraordinary women from Past and Present. It also has Illustration done by 60 artists from around the world. This book features icons such as Frida Kahlo, Virginia Woolf, Jane Goodall, Serena Williams among others. It helps children  to understand and enable them to learn and appreciate women as equal from a young age.

4. Swami and Friends: This boow was written by R.K. Narayanan. The book narrates the story of young boy Swami and his Friends. The story is set in the Fictional town of Malgudi. Its about simple pleasures of life and innocent friendship among young boy.

5. The Room on the Roof: This book was written  by Ruskin Bond. This book is about Rusty a seventeen year old Orphaned boy Anglo-Indian, Who is forced to live with Mr. Harrison in the European Area of Dehradun, But his stern behaviour forces him to run away. He then makes friends with Indian boys, who find him a job.

Another gem of a person who loves  children and trust them for the development of the nation is :

Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam: Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam( 15-Oct-1931 to 27-July-2015) was the 11th President of India from 2002-2007. He received many awards Such as

1. Padhma Bushan-1981
2. Padhma Vibushan-1990
3. Bharat Ratna - 1997
4. Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration-1997
5.Veer Savarkar Award-1998
6. Ramanujan Award-2000
7. King Charles II Medal-2007
8. International Von Karman Wings Award-2009
9. Hoover Medal-2009
10. IEEE Honorary Membership-2011.

 He is a Scientist who makes the entire world to look back at our nation. He invented many Missals for the security of our nation. He spent a lot of  time with the children. After his retirement he spent his Saturday and Sunday at the rural area and taught the students who cannot read and write.

Quotes of Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam:

You have to dream before your dreams can come true.

Look at the sky. We are not alone. The whole university is friendly to us and conspires only to give the best of those who dream and work.

Man needs his difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success.

The books written By Dr. a.P.J. Abdul Kalam was an Inspiration of the development of the Nation.

He believe that children would make his dream come true.

 Happy Children's Day -Children are the developers of the Future nation.


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Monday, 13 November 2017

Mangaleri park at Mugappair, Chennai.

Mangaleri park

Mangaleri park is located at Mugappair West, Chennai. It is the best place for walking and the atmosphere is really good.There are few more places to see in  the park like children park, stage to do exercise, Dance,or to do yoga also. There are having benches to take rest, relax and enjoy the nature, There is a big pond of water with ducks and birds. The place is  clean, the plants and trees are maintained by few gardeners and its greeny and pleasant. 

We saw students who came there to study peacefully. Children park is having swing, ladder, see-saw and more to play.

Lake in Mangaleri park

Benches to rest at the park

Ducks just arrived to the lake

Walker at Mangaleri park

Children park at Mangaleri

Stage for dancing, exercise,playing doing yoga ans so on

Near entrance there is a board with a few words of wisdom showing us how to live our life . Mangaleri park is favorite place for everyone.Its a beautiful place to make our mind and body fit.
The total area of Mangaleri park total  is 5.32 acres. The walker lane is 4.5 m in width and 520 m in length.Its spacious to walk.There is an "8"shaped walker lane and it is good to walk on it. Children play area is 20,000 sq. feet. 

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Thursday, 2 November 2017

Flower Vase using popsicle and paper

Flower Vase and Paper Flower

I made flower vase and artificial flowers. Flower vase made using Popsicle and flowers using paper. I did stem using a long stick.

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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Mulai kattiya payir Sundal - Recipe

Sprout Green Gram Sundal
(Mulai Kattiya Payir - Sundal)


Green Gram - 100 gms
Oil - 2 tbsp
Mustard Seed - 1/4 tbsp
Ulad Dhal - 1/2 tbsp
Red Chilli - 2 
Dry Curry leaves - few
Salt - as required


Take A bowl. Put Green gram in the bowl. Add water till it fills. Close it and leave it for 8 to 10 hours. Then drain all the water. After draining shift the soaked green gram in a hot box and close the lid. Leave it for two days minimum. Then you will find that the mulai had came out. Then if you wish you can keep it in fridge or else you can start preparing the sundal immediately. 

Keep the kadai and add oil, mustard seed, ulad dhal, red chilli, dry curry leaves - one by one. Then put the sprout green gram in the kadai and sprinkle some water. Mix it and wait till it boils.

Then add salt and mix it well. If you wish you can add some grated coconut, mix for a few seconds, and switch off the stove. Serve hot. 

If you wish u can add lemon drops also instead of grated coconut, but you have to add the lemon after the sundal gets cool. 

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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Our experience at V-Lounge Restaurant, Chennai

V-Lounge Restaurant

We went to V-Lounge restaurant & Hookah bar, No. 6, College Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai, a few days back. There we had a new dining experience. V-Lounge is a restaurant and a hookah bar for anyone wishing to spend more time having long conversations over a hearty meal. 

The interior decoration was awesome - the place looks as good as a pub but this is not one. The lights are mild but still sufficient. They play music continuously and there are large flat TVs that not necessarily dance to the tunes of the music being played. I wonder why! 

V-Lounge is a Vegetarian Restaurant. The food which they serve there is really good and the taste was awesome. They also offer the Hookah, which is non-tobacco based, maybe for people who want to smoke for fun.   

Most of their dishes that we had were good. We tried Triple cheese grill, Mexican grill sandwich, Veg Kesaria, Mongalian rice, Current cooler, Strawberry mojito, Kiwi mojito, Berry berry, Pink lemonade, Dragon baby corn, Chilli mushroom, Pasta, Sphagethi, Chilli paneer, Basil rice and Fried Icecream. 

Among these I loved the Pasta, Chilli paneer, Basil rice and Fried Icecream. 

They have good staff who interacted with us frequently. Even their owner seems to have a penchant for customer interaction, probably to get first-hand feedback. 

If you are around the College Road/Greams Road area, you can also order their food Online from Zomato. But I feel visiting the restaurant is the best way to get a complete meal experience :) Below are some pics taken at this restaurant during my visit -

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Friday, 20 October 2017

Sangu chakra and namma using wollen craft work

Craft using wollen 

I made the above craft in a concept of budget Craftz using wollen, stone, glue in a Ohp sheet.  After that I stucked it in a velvet sheet and then I laminated it.

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Monday, 16 October 2017

Sell your Old Phone/Tablet for Instant Cash at (#CleanUpCashOut)

How I sold my old phone

If you want to know how to sell your phone easily and instantly, go to the end of the article now. If you want to read my experience of how I sold my old phone using traditional methods and then, like me, come to the conclusion that it's easier to sell our old gadgets through newer and faster methods, read on. 

I bought a Nokia phone few years back and I used it for many years. Later I wanted to sell the phone as I was impressed with the new mobile phone models and wanted to buy the latest model.

So I went to the shop to sell or exchange the phone. But in the shop, the shop keeper told me that the phone can only be exchanged and that too at a very low price. So I went to other shops. Even there they said exchange value was very low. So after that I sold it for the better of the least amount I got and because of the exchange I couldn't negotiate the price of the new phone as well. The entire experience was hopeless.

Besides, the shopkeepers had many questions regarding the old phone. Also, many a time, we spent a lot of time in shops as the owner of the shop was not there. He had to come in order to decide on the exchange price. In fact we came out to have juice and make new purchases that we never intended and this resulted in further losses.

In the last shop, I was really exhausted and decided to sell the phone at whatever rate the owner decides to quote. With this intention, I went inside. The worker, not surprisingly, asked me to wait and maybe look at the new phone models while we were waiting.

In spite of having decided on the new model earlier, we still looked at other phones to pass time. Since the shopkeeper also didn't have much work, he also kept explaining about each phone we happened to look.

Fortunately the owner came after an hour or so. But to our shock he offered only 500 rupees for that phone as a exchange value. He had asked weather I had headphone, charger, phone box, etc. He also asked many other questions like whether the phone was damaged, did it ever fall inside water, did I use the warranty to change any parts, etc. 

In the meanwhile we decided to move on to another shop as we didn't like the way they spoke with us. And to top all that, they even said who will have such an old phone nowadays. It seems no one is ready to buy such old secondhand phones from them and they needed newer models for buyback. Heck, if I had a newer model, why would I come to the shop and enquire about exchange?

Actually, I tried selling the phone in my network - friends and relatives - and the were also equally uninterested. 

I am sure someone somewhere will be interested in cheap old models as many people can't afford a new phone. Why the shopkeepers were speaking like that with us was a mystery. All the excitement of buying a new phone was gone and we are generally left only with irritation. 

These things happened when I went to the shop on a normal day. Imagine if it was the festival season and there are more people in the shop. I am pretty sure that the shopkeepers will just show a couple of new models and quickly exchange the old phones for some throwaway price without hesitation. Due to lack of time, we might want to finish the task quickly and move on.

After all these experiences, I finally decided to buy the phone in a shop where the salesman spoke politely and offered a value that was slightly better. I had to walk for 2-3 hours, visit 7-8 shops, and roam all around my area spotting mobile shops just to sell my old phone. 

I guess the buyback offers at Online websites are better but the issue is we cannot touch and test the new phone we are going to get. I had always wanted a separate website where I could just sell my old phones/tablets/PCs and not bother about buying a new gadget immediately. 

Looks like there is one in India too and it works on all major cities.

You can now sell your old gadgets, whether in usable condition or otherwise, on Cashify,in website or app. You'll get an instant quote on their website and the company will arrange to pick up your phone directly from your house. No roaming, no bargaining, no arguing, no wasting time or energy. Just click and sell. It's that easy. 

If you decide to sell your phone on Cashify, try using the coupon code CLEANCASH (valid for a limited period) to get an additional Rs.250 on your phone or laptop. 


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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

S. P. Y. D. E. R. Movie review


we went to see the movie SPYDER, telegu verion.  It had been with the concept of a passionate person who is looking at the calls of the public to help those who was in the need. In the be giving scene it started with the this if a love couples who decided to go somewhere to get marriage.  The girl was genune and innocent,  but the boy who decided to take all her properties and try to spoil her life with his friend.  We taught of about the girl how she could  escape from this.
But unexpected three of the local selling persons entered and murmering the plan which they kept silently and spoke with them.  Suddenly they got shocked and left the girl and ranganathan away.  As soon she also escape and safely reached her home with the help of MAHESH BANU.

He had created the software which will give notification of if some one in the need if help,  far or any other problem.  He track the phone and listening to their speech and try to help them.  He started his career like that.  Eventhough it is not legal but also he tried to hear the calls and try to help others before anything had happen.

And  then the introduction song started playing.  In that by dancing aside and he saved few more lives before nothing had happen badly.  Then only we had got the idea of how he  is helping others.   As like when he hear a call he heard the voice of a girl who spoke with her friend which is quite impractical.  On hearing that he got quite impressed and starts following  her.

 By that he started many to help by tracking  the call he solve the problem of the others.  

Really not in the way but also in general we will have to do anything before it will change as a mistake.  

As like when he track the call he found the voice of a girl  who spoke with her friend that there is no one in her house as well there is no power as the other neighbour house had.  And as she feels some one us here and some disturbing sound had came. So can you please come here to stay with me.  But her friend refuses,  because her family wont allow.  So,  she advised her friend to close the door and keep vibuthi and take rest.

On hearing that he called his friend who is working in the Police department and take her to go to the  Address to help her.  Very next day morning he heard the news of the two guys one is the girl who call her friend and the another one was the Police who was killed by the unknown and he minutes the party of the two girls as together which is difficulty to find whose part was that.

Then there only the concept of the movie got fired.  Really it moved in a Thrill way.  It had grass the intension of the viewers move with the movie.  Then Step by STEP he tried to find the psychology killer.  But there was some unbelievable scene also happened.

Eventhough he tried to find him with the help of the others.  But mainly he used the technology which is unbelievable.

And I  some of the space some  scene and few songs had occupied.  That wasnt sink to the movie.

And at the end he made some trick which is not belivable,  but also he used to show how the power of a ladies.

And at the condition he expressed about the humanity of everyone how we are also.

 But In some time we also slightly  changed ourselves to be like the jealous/cunning /or anything.  We will try to help the needy.  Even though we are help in but also in some of the places it had started banking us.  So by looking at everything we will have to be perfect.

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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Dishes for Diwali

Dishes for Diwali

I did some dishes to make Diwali delightful with Preeti Turbo Chop.

I did Tomato Rice, Cabbage Vada, Carrot Alwa and Pomegranate Juice.

The above video shows an over view if how I made those dishes. In this post I will share the detailed recipes for each.

Tomato Rice


Rice - one cup
Tomatoes - 10 Nos
Onion - 2 Nos
Green Chilli - 3 to 5
Mustard - 1/4 tbsp
Ulad Dhal - 1/2 tbsp
Bengal Gram - 1 tbsp
Salt - as required
Oil - 3 Spoon
Curry leaves - few
Coriander leaves - few


Chop the tomato into small pieces, chop onions and chillis also. 

Then keep Kadai on the stove and heat it to a high temperature. Add three spoons of oil, wait till it heats. Then add mustard, ulad dhal, bengal gram. Add onion and wait till it changes in colour and becomes soft. Then add chilli.

Now add the tomatoes and keep on heating till the mixture achives consistent thickness. And few drops of oil for taste.

After it gets boiling add some water to get consistency. Keep on mixing rainy to make it not to stick on the kadai. Then before switching off the stove add some salt . Put curry leaves and coriander leaves for decor if you wish. Then convert it in a bowl. 

Take one tumbler of rice in a vessel and add 2 1/2 or 3 tumblers of water. Keep it in a cooker and switch of the stone.  Wait untitled four whistles have come.

Convert the rice in a big plate then add the Tomato paste in the Rice, mix it well and serve hot.

Cabbage Vada

Oil - 1 litre
Bengal Gram - 1 cup
Onion - 2 nos
Cabbage - 1/2 kg
Green Chilli - 2 ( chop it round)
Salt - as required
Curry leaves - few
coriander leaves - few


Keep the bengal gram in a seperate bowl, add one litre of water and keep it for 2 hours. Then drain the bengal gram. Put half of the gram in a mixie and run it fully by adding some water. Convert it in a bowl and add the remaining gram which we didn't drain. Mix it well. 

By the side you have to chop the onion, cabbage into little bits. Cut the chilli into round bits. Then add curry leaves and coriander leaves after cutting it slightly.

Add salt for taste. By the side keep a kadai in a stove add 1 litre of oil and wait till it boils fully.

Then take some vada Battery,  keep it in your palm and press it slightly to get a flat and round shape. Then put it in a kadai,  adjust the flame based on the heat it requires and fry the vada to get golden colour on both sides.

Similarly make all the vadas and keep it seperately to drain the unwanted oil. Then Serve hot. 

Carrot Alwa


Carrot - 5 nos
Sugar -  50 to 100 grams ( based on your wish)
Ghee - 3 tbsp
Cashew nut - 50 grams
Salt - pinch


Chop the carrots and the convert it in a bowl.  Keep it in a cooker until you get four whistles. Then keep the kadai on the stove with high flame. Put 50 grams of sugar and coordination carrot in the kadai. Stir it till the sugar is melted and the colour of the sugar and the carrot changes.

By the side keep a kadai seperately and add some give.  Add cashewnut, mix it till it changes to a golden colour. Based on your wish you can add sugar and milk if need ed, before adding ghee. If you wish you also add a pinch of salt to get the taste of the sugar completely. But don't add more salt as that will change the taste.

After the sugar and carrot change in colour, add ghee and golden cashewnut , mix it well and serve hot.

Pomegranate Juice


Pomegranate - one bowl of seed
Sugar - as required
Milk - as required


Peel the Pomegranate and keep the seeds seperately. If you want you can wash the seeds of pomegranate to eliminate any extra peel. But it is quiet healthy to retain the peel. 

Convert the seeds into a jar and grate them finely until it becomes juice. Then filter the juice in a seperate bowl, add sugar and milk based on your need and service. Pomegranate is really good for health. 

I made the above dishes using Preeti Turbo Chop. It works well and make my vegetables and fruits grating/ chopping easier. 

You can buy Preethi turbo chop using this link.

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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Interesting experiences while travelling in city buses

Interesting Experience

I travel in city buses to go to work. I face different types of people in buses. Mainly teenagers, college goers, and working people.

The common thing that links them all is the mobile phone. Once people get into the bus, they open their phones. Not all of them, but most. Most people browse/chat on Whatsapp or Facebook. And few were hearing something with the help of headphones even though it is not good for their eardrums.

Few people were speaking on the phone using headphones. Funny thing is, a few put the mic inside their mouth and were even biting the mic while speaking! Headphones do help by maintaining silence in the bus, but its over-usage should be avoided, that too in high volume. It's fine for listening to songs and speaking to others, if done minimally.

There is not much interaction between fellow passengers directly. I noticed one more thing - people pass money to other passengers to buy tickets. This is a good practice in crowded buses as it enables people who can't reach the conductor to buy tickets from where ever they are standing/sitting. It also helps them to keep their purses/handbags safe as they don't have to move through the crowd. 

During a sudden brake, it's difficult for people to sit in buses without jerking forward. It's even more difficult for passengers who are standing, especially the shorter ones who cannot reach the railing on the top.

Sometimes fellow passengers help standing passengers by holding their bags, books, etc. It is good if we can give a seat to people with small kids, if they don't get to sit.If not, at least we can hold the kids for sometime.  

Most of the buses here have separate seating arrangement for ladies and gents. In the ladies side only ladies can sit but in the gents side both tend to sit. If women come with their family, maybe it's OK to sit in the gents seat, but if they come alone it may be better to sit on the ladies seat. That's because gents also face a lot of pressure at work and they might be tired, so it's better to give them their seats especially in crowded buses. 

Some passengers may not know the exact cost of the ticket. We should try to give exact change. I feel this will be helpful to the conductor and for ourselves too. Just think - a conductor is giving tickets and change to people from the morning to evening. It's not fair to expect them to have change every time. So, by proper planning it is possible to help them by giving the exact change. In shops they tend to give a chocolate for one or two rupee change and we take that. Just imagine what will happen if the conductor also decides to follow the same method in buses :P

I suggest that people in the front beside the driver don't sleep, passengers don't speak loud and not try to get down near the signals and breakers. It maybe better if passengers don't stand on the stairs. If a bus is crowded wait for another bus. 
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Sunday, 27 August 2017

Masala flavoured sweetcorn

Sweet corn 


# Sweet corn -1 cup
# Red chilli power - 1/2 tbsp
# Chat masala - 1/2 tbsp 
# Butter -  1/2 tbsp 
# Salt - to taste 
Method :

Boil the water for 15-20  minutes.  After that put the sweet corn  into the boiling water and leave for another 3-5 Minutes.  
Then shift the sweet corn separately to another bowl.  Add Butter, Red chilli power,  chat masala and mix it.  Then add salt to taste. Mix it well and serve hot.  

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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

VIP 2 Tamil Movie Review

VIP 2 Movie Review

We went to the first day first show for the movie VIP 2. In that movie most characters are given small roles. The major role was played by Dhanush only.

The introduction of Kajol was awesome. Her acting had good sense of timing and her attitude was mass. She shows why her acting is still rock solid. This movie might prove to be yet another turning point in her already brilliant career. 

Samudhirakani was relatively silent in this movie and I missed his acting very much, especially when compared with movies like Sattai. I feel we were satisfied with VIP(1) movie mainly because Samudrakani plays an important role and delivers a punch with his acting.

The role of the heroine of this movie - Amala Paul, who plays a major role in VIP1, was again very limited in VIP2. Her only characterization was to be a shouting wife!

We enjoyed Vivek's comedy very much, but that too was limited in scope.

Dhanush almost occupies the entire duration of this movie. Apart from him no one else gets any major role to play - except maybe Kajol.

I found the characterization of the boss and his daughter very impressive. Even after missing many orders, they still support Dhanush. Even the VIP engineers support him in spite of having to lose their jobs as engineers in a leading firm.

I also appreciate the characterization of Dhanush's partner in business as he too stands with Dhanush by supporting and encouraging all his works. Despite losses, lack of growth and his investment, he still doesn't change. Really proud of him.

Many scenes in the movie were unwanted, I feel. And in the climax Dhanush is shown to be helping flood victims in a scene akin to the real floods that happened in Chennai a couple of years back. I wish this actually happened in reality.

On the climax i loved the sentiments of Kajol who openly shows her emotions about her family. Mother sentiment was really good and Saranya was given a good role in VIP(1). But in this movie, there is not much of that sentiment. Dhanush's brother Karthik's role was impressive in the first movie and he was shown as a handsome man. In this movie, he was dull.

Dhanush's wife's character as a nagging wife was a little bit overdone. As a wife, I couldn't empathize with her character.

Dhanush spoke about the importance of women and how powerful they are - that was really good. And I also liked the comparison between the rich and the poor by Dhanush.

Where is Thangapushpam? And who is Thangapushpam?  We only hear her voice. But we never get to see her. Why?

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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Home Improvement with Fans


Fan is the one of the home appliances which is used by everyone. The usage of fan is essential everywhere. At least three fans are necessary for a small family, based on their need. There are various types of fans based on our needs. They may vary based on size, clour , variety, application and so on.

Types of Fan:

1. Table fan
2. Pedestal Fan.
3. Ceiling Fan.
4. Decorative fan.
5. Wall mount fan.
6. Box fan.
7. Windows fan.
8. Exhaust fan.
9. Tower fan.
10. Misting fan.
11. Industrial fan.
and so on.

And they may vary with companies , brands and so on. We can choose a fan based on our need and the budget. 

Some of the fans are easily portable and some work with the help of batteries too. Battery enabled fans can run for sometime without electricity - during power cuts.

Even though we get more advanced machines like Air Conditioners which cool us, the need for fans is not reducing. 

Fans are essential not only inside the house, but often outside it too. Where ever people rest, fans are required.

Of late, some companies manufacture fans with low power consumption to save electricity. As the fan keeps a place cooler, many people prefer to sit directly under the fan only. 
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Tea trails at Anna Nagar East

Tea Trails

We went to Tea Trails cafe which is located at Anna Nagar East (Old No. 23, New No.93-2nd Main Road-Anna Nagar,Chennai-40. Land Mark: Behind Kandasamy College) to taste the different varieties of teas and chais available with them. Before going to the shop I had no idea that there were so many varieties of tea. When i went there I was amazed just looking at the menu.

They told us that tea and chai are different. It seems Tea should be prepared without milk and Chai, more common in India, is generally prepared with milk. But we tend to use the same word tea to refer to both. They also told us that they recommend certain foods to go along with each of their teas (food pairing) so that the tea tastes even better.

A small device is used to measure the time taken for brewing tea. Each tea comes with its own card where the name, recommended brewing time, ingredients, etc. are mentioned. This ensures that all teas are freshly brewed (by the drinkers) and hence the authentic taste and aroma are maintained. We can also take the help of Tea Trails staff to brew the teas.

This branch will shortly offer rooms/halls for meeting, conferences, party, and so on. Teas, Chais, Coffee, Snacks and Desserts from Tea Trails are delivered to your home through services like Swiggy, etc.

Here are a few teas offered at Tea Trails and their combinations

* Silver needle: A very premium white tea,with a very mild taste. Paired with bun maska.
* Bun Maska: Soft bun with a thick smudge of butter.
* Kashmiri Kahwa: Exotic blend of Green tea, Spices & almonds. Very flavourful.Paired with tea          Salad.
* Burmees Tea Salad: Very interesting salad of lettuce with roasted nuts & dal and infused with 
   fermented green tea. A signature dish of the brand.
* Veg Ham Bruschetta: Mushroom topped with cheese in Brushetta.
* Lapsang Souchong: Black tea from china, with a differentiating smoky flavour, paired with a              Smoky paneer/chicken sandwich.
* Smoked Paneer/Chicken sandwich: Barbequed paneer/chicken pieces with caramelized onions. 
* Lychee Bubble tea: Lychee flavoured iced tea with fruit bubbles which burst in your mouth as you
   sip - makes it a fun & interesting drink. 
* Matcha shake: Thick rich drink made with Japanese green tea (matcha), having a new taste 
* BBQ chicken/paneer pizza-with Smoky Paneer/Chicken, hinted BBQ sauce with caramelized
   onion and Jalapeno.
* Better wife: All that you need in terms of flavour & feel. Sweetened concotion of fruit juice, Herbs 
   & green tea.
* Adrak Chai: The all time favourite of all those who like their tea with a gingery edge.. Wonderfully 
   paired with onion pakoda.
* Onion Pakoda: Authentic Crispy pakoda with a spicy green chutney. Teams up with any chai at any
* Red Zen: You really can't beat the colur & flavour. Mix of herbs, fruits & flowers. Goes very well 
   with fruity dessert.
* Dessert of the day: Sizzling Brownie with Ice Cream- Warm Gooey Brownie.

Here are some pictures from the event -

Tea Cards

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Introduction to Interviewdesk by CEO


Let's admit: Interviewing numerous candidates before deciding on the best ones for any position is difficult even for a HR manager, forget business owners. If there could be a platform that will enable top management to just interview the best candidates from all the available resumes, imagine how much time can be saved, and how much easier it will be to select the best candidate!

Welcome InterviewDesk.

Mr. Pichumani, the force behind this web-based platform, had arranged an event to launch their product. It seems, Mr. Pichumani himself has more than 1.5 decades of experience in the HR field. It was then, after having taken many interviews, that he felt the process could be revamped to save time and money. So he came up with this idea of companies outsourcing shortlisting and initial rounds of interviews to on-demand professionals who are experienced and have the requisite domain knowledge.

The event was hosted by Mr. Kiruba Shankar who did a great job. Industry veterans in the HR field, people in charge of staffing for rapidly growing startups, and even a movie director/actor was present. They all spoke about the need for a platform like InterviewDesk and how that could transform their jobs.

Here is the highlights of CEO Mr. Pichumani Durairaj's speech introducing InterviewDesk @ launch event, Hotel Radisson Blu, Chennai -

" The biggest assets that companies have are its people. And that’s why companies spend so much time, effort and money in hiring the best people. Unfortunately, to hire that one perfect person, you need to look through lots of people who are half-good or not good at all. Like it or not, this is the nature of the game. 

The gestation period of hiring is excruciatingly long. Companies will need to wade through hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes to shortlist a few.  This means that there is wastage of precious time. This is where I sensed an opportunity to increase the efficiency of recruiting. What if there is a methodology to remove the drudgery of going through tons of resumes.  What if there is a mechanism where an experienced team can go through the reams of resumes and sieve out the not so good ones, evaluate and weed out the ones that don’t fit the requirement and finally shortlist the ones that really do matter.

Imagine the scenario where companies can look at 10 good shortlisted candidates instead of wading through 500 resumes.  This saves enormous bandwidth. This gives them the time to have an in-depth conversation with the shortlisted candidates and ask incisive questions that truly matter.  This not only vastly quickens the process and it also greatly helps in getting the right people on board.

Thus was born my idea of InterviewDesk, India’s first on-demand interviewer platform with the vision for creating the World’s largest interviewer community. Our goal is to work on a unique concept of outsourced interview model that helps the organizations save more than 50% of time and cost spent on hiring."

Disclaimer: "The post is in collaboration with InterviewDesk.
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