Friday, 2 December 2016

Japanese dolls @Exhibition

These images were taken in an Exhibition held at Lalit Kala Academy, Greams Road, Chennai.
Ishogi, Shinno-Kazari: Noble Dolls
The dolls consumes are based on what aristocrats wore in the Heian period [800-1200]
Uijin, Toko- Kazari : Warriors First Battle
One example of the display of the Satsuki Dolls, The central gallant figure is a young warrior going to his first battle.
Shoki: Chinese Guardian Spirit
The Shoki doll is from a Chinese myth in which Shoki killed a devil who brought disease and misfortune.

Jinmu-tei: Emperor Jinmu
Japanese legend says that a golden kite perched on the tip of the Emperor's bow. With its light, Emperor Jinmu forced his enemies to surrender.
Ninin-dachi, Osome Hisamatsu
Bunraku is a traditional puppetry.People are especially fond of the tragic love story of a beautiful merchant's daughter. Osome, and an apprentice of her father's house, Hisamastu.
Fujimusume: Wisteria Maiden
The spirit of Wisteriatransforms herself into a beautiful girl and dances gracefully in this well-loved Kabuki performance.
shiokumi: Drawing water by the sea side
In a scene from a famous Kabuki play, the heroine dresses in a absent lover's hunting costume and dances to express her longing for him
Yayoi: The spring
Oiran: Courtesan
Kurodabushi: Samurai of Kuroda
This doll is based on legend about a man who gulped down sake in a large cup and obtained a spear as a prize.
Mijitaku: Getting ready
This is a female figure who is getting ready to go out.
Haihai: Crawling
This newborn has started crawling.
Taimochi: Holding a sea Bream
This child in a gold crown sits erect with his legs folded under him holding a sea bream. Sea brems are believed to be auspicious fish and are prepared for celebrations.
Osuwari Ningyo: 
Seated male doll
Miyasama Ningyo: Doll of Imperial Prince
This is a figure of a ImperialPrince.
During the Edo period, Children played a game on the New year's day, using a wooden hammer (Buriburi) to hit a ball. This depicts a child pulling buriburi.
Oboko Shinno: Young Prince and Princes, Mitsuharu Kataoka
This pair of figures is a Noble Prince and Princess. These dolls feature gorgeous embroidery and rolled sleeves. The artist is active in Kyoto.
Yoroigi Taisho: A General in Armor,by Ippo Ohashi
The gallant young samurai in brilliant armor is about to go into battle as a general of the army. the artit is active in Kyoto.
Kyoto Dance.


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  1. All dolls are very cute, especially that crawling baby doll is awesome...

    1. Thank you. Among all the dolls I too loved the crawling doll. It looks soo cute.