Thursday, 20 October 2016

Wild animal at vandalur zoo

This image was taken at Vandalur zoo. They are leaving the animals roam freely and they give protection to the animals.

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Photos at Tajmahal, Agra,Delhi

We went to visit Tajmahal, the symbol of love.It was really a marvellous experience. We hired an auto for Rs. 500.He dropped us at the nearest gate to the TAJMAHAL. There are four major gate wall surrounding Tajmahal. 

Since vehicles cannot go untill the gate, he left us nearby.From there we walked  more than half a kilometer to reach the Western gate. After entering the gate we went to buy  tickets to visit Tajmahal. There is a seperate que for men and women. We need to show any authorised proof like (Aadhar card, Voter Id., ) and so on... to get the ticket.As we enter the Tajmahal, there is a security checking. 

They dont allow plastic covers and bags inside. But we are allowed to take hand bags. Then we went closer to the Tajmahal taking different snaps of it along the way. We got many opportunity to take selfie. There were some benches to take rest. Then we reached the main building of Tajmahal. We touched the white marbles and felt happy. Then we enter in to the Tajamhal to see the Mumtaj's memorial but no one is allowed to take photos inside Tajmahal. 

We admired the beautiful constructions inside the Tajmahal and then we went around the Tajmahal before leaving. We are allowed to see the Tajmahal from sunrise to sunset. Next we went to the market for purchase. 

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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Elephants at vandalur zoo, chennai

This image was taken at vandalur zoo, chennai. There was a big open space allotted to the elephants to roam. Big wall has been built outside to prevent them from crossing over.Elephants are vocationally bath by zoo keepers. If u buy ticket you can see baby elephants bathing from a close distance. 

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Friday, 14 October 2016

A beautiful dotted deer.

This image was taken at vandalur zoo, chennai. How beautifully the two deers are roaming around and enjoying the nature. I like the golden brown colour of the deers. They are so adorable.

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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Dancing white peacock.

This beautiful dancing white peacock image was taken at vandalur zoo chennai. Everyone likes to see peacocks. Its a favourite bird , mainly for the kids. If they get a chance to see the white peacock they will feel happy. In addition if they dance, words aree insufficient to describe. But unfortunately the peacock was in the cage. 

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Speed comparison of the animals.

This image is taken at vandalur zoo, chennai. The chart shows the speed comparison between the animals. In this chart we can able to know the running speed of the animal and their level of speeds.  

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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Beautiful Japanese dolls in an exhibition.

These Japanese dolls were kept in an exhibition organized by the Japanese consulate. These photos were taken at  chennai. I like all the dolls, especially the last doll which I have posted here.I like that image Because it shows two different positions based on the vision of a person. In one angle it shows  the doll working in an office looking at a file. If I look at this in another angle, it shows that the doll is lying and reading something. In that photo I like the creativity of the person who made this!.....

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Monday, 10 October 2016

Man made a woman artistically by giving natural look.

The below image shows an old lady doing the traditional work nearby  the Tulsi madam by putting the kolam and lightning the lamp. But it's not true.  If you zoom the image,  you will notice the creative work of a man who made this statue look natural.  He made the lady statue using  artificial materials and decorated her as a real lady.  What a beautiful creation!  This image was taken at DAKSHIN CHITRA, ECR Chennai. 

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Oct. 16: Exhibition Mela at Tirupattur,vellore District

Exhibition Mela at Tirupattur,Vellore District. This is the fourth year of Diwali special Exhibition Mela at Tirupattur organizing by VASAVI CLUB TIRUPATTUR and VASAVI VANITHA TIRUPATTUR.  In this exhibition there are different stalls under many category. There they are selling many things in a single place.  That are generally not available nearby.   Here are some of the items you will find in this exhibitoin.- Dresses, Fashion Jewellery,Gifts,  Tupper Ware containers, Cosmetics,Hand Bags, Key Chains and so on.In this exhibition they are also organising Puzzles and other games to entertain both kids and adults. Here in this exhibition they are selling eatables like chat, ice cream, milk shake ,juices, snacks, tiffen and Chinese food varieties, patanjali products and so on.   Last year I went to the exhibition and easily purchased many things which I searched in many place but in the exhibition I found those in a reasonable price. The entrance ticket is 10- per head. The venue is A.V.S. Thirumana Mandapam ,Chetty street, Tirupattur,Vellore District. Date:16.10.2016 Sunday.  Time From:9.00a.m to 9.30 p.m.

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Man made pottery things

The things in the below image were made  using pottery.  It includes lamp, cup, hanging, hundi,  God face,  and so on. I like the walk hanging shown in this photo.This photo was taken at DAKSHIN CHITRA, ECR Chennai. 

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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Man made human statues with traditional musical instruments

The photo below shows man made human statues playing traditional musical instruments.  These statues were made using clay pottery.  This image was taken at DAKSHIN CHITRA, ECR Chennai

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Friday, 7 October 2016

Thatched roof hall at DAKSHIN CHITRA

Now a days we are giving importance to modern trends for getting status in the society we are shifting from Natural to artificial for unavoidable reasons.

 We are using sunshade and  other modern things to decorate our house, but here we started forgetting our culture. 

In many places they still show  interest in keeping our heritage intact . In DAKSHIN CHITRA, ECR Chennai,  ad shown in the below photo  they  built an hall by covering the top with thatched roof in kerala style.  

The image shows one side of the hall.  In the middle of the hall there was a big ground. 

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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Golu at DAKSHIN CHITRA, ECR Chennai.

The statues of God's like Ganesa, Buddha etc.,  have been kept in a traditional Golu arrangement in one of the heritage houses. 

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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

A wonderful hut for resting at ADYAR poonga

In most of the places we can see the benches for rest but in those places either they cover the top by using sun shaded sheets or else they leave the seating open.  But at ADYAR poonga chennai they arranged the seating and covered the top by using thatched roof, thereby giving importance to nature.

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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Birds at open air

The birds are flying freely enjoying the beauty of nature at ADYAR poonga chennai.  The maintainance persons gave protection and proper care to the birds. 

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Monday, 3 October 2016


Andavan kattalai was a comedy movie. At the beginning an introduction song was played.It was a superb song. For the first half it moved with full of comedy . And in some places it was some what sentimental.

Here in  the movie the thought of the hero was to go to London to earn money to solve the financial problems at his home. So the hero and his friend come to Chennai to get passport and visa.

So they met a person in  the travel agency who gave some false guidelines to get the passport and visa. This led them to do one illegal act after another. In the second half since they wanted to end the story quickly. 

The story progression was clumsy and there was  not much of a logic.

If u like comedy movies u can go and see Andavan kattalai. But if you expect a good story then you may want to skip it.

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Sunday, 2 October 2016

GAMESA soccer League


The teams from different places gathered at Rajarathinam stadium chennai for the GAMESA soccer League.

 There  are several categories based on the age as well as gender.  The competition between the  teams were tough .   Best teams got selected for the finale.

  The winning teams are1. NAGPUR 2.MYLAI  3.CHROMPET 4. TUTICORIN.  The chief guests assembled here to honour the winners.  Mr.  Pandiyarajan (Educational, sports and youth development Minister)    Mr.  Ramesh KYMAL (Chairman and M. D. GAMESA India) and others.  

They gave a marvelous speech to motivate the participants and encourages the winners.  The cups were given for the four winning teams.  Then medals were given to  the referee.  And the momentos  were given to the  goal keepers and to the participants.  

GAMESA started doing this service two years back by searching the talented players from many places and giving proper training to them.         
Here are few photos from the event 
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